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8 Myths About Perfect Sex - Relationship, Sex
8 Myths About Perfect Sex - Relationship, Sex

Video: 8 Myths About Perfect Sex - Relationship, Sex

Video: 8 Myths About Perfect Sex - Relationship, Sex
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Despite the fact that "blinders" have long been removed from the topic of sex, there are strange and sometimes ridiculous ideas about what an ideal sexual intercourse should be. And since distorted ideas interfere with the development of harmonious intimate relationships, let's look at sexual mythology

1. The more the better

Too large a penis can, during penetration, cause pain in a woman, which in turn reduces her desire and is one of the causes of anorgasmia. Penis size is more of a concern for men. According to statistics, only 1% of women are interested in the size of the penis, the other 99% are interested in how a man uses it.

2. The longer the better

With prolonged intercourse, damage to the vaginal mucosa and rupture of the frenulum of the penis may occur. Moreover, some stereotyping of sexual contact and a decrease in voluptuous sensations are possible. The norm for the duration of sexual intercourse is from three to fifteen minutes, and all that is more than this is called tardajaculatory syndrome, which requires consultation with a sexologist (of course, if this phenomenon is permanent).

3. A real man should always bring a woman to orgasm

In a man, orgasm is tied to ejaculation, in a woman, the onset of orgasm is not associated with the release of an egg, its nature is much more complicated. A woman's orgasm depends on many factors: psychoerotic preparation, relationship to a partner, sexual experience, environment, etc.

A woman is generally more distracted during sex than a man. For some women, an orgasm occurs for the first time after childbirth, and for some, it never occurs during their lifetime. This does not mean that such a woman is inferior. If the process itself is pleasant to her, and the lack of an orgasm does not seem to be a problem for her, you should not focus on the result.

4. After 50, no sex

After menopause and male menopause, sex remains a significant part of life. The fact that now procreation is impossible does not mean that you cannot enjoy the process. Moreover, in women who previously feared unwanted pregnancy, after menopause, such fear disappears, which allows you to relax and get new sensations. Sex after 50 is not tuned to changing positions from the Kamasutra and a long marathon, but to sensuality and deep intimacy.

5. Women want sex less often than men

Libido (sex drive) depends on temperament. It is customary to distinguish between weak, medium and strong types of sexual constitution. It is determined by such indicators as: trochanter index (the ratio of height to leg length - from the trochanter of the femur), the onset of sexual activity, the average monthly rhythm of activity, etc. Therefore, there are women with both a weak sexual constitution and a strong one who are ready to approach partner up to 5 times a day or more. Historically, however, it so happened that the woman was assigned a passive role in sex. In this regard, this myth arose.

6. Prelude is required

Sometimes an unusual environment or the risk of being "caught" makes a woman feel strong. Moreover, some women specifically organize such "spontaneous" sex.

7. Achieve orgasm at the same time

To do this, you need to adjust to your partner, observe how the sexual intercourse proceeds. Control distracts from the process itself and leads to a weakening of voluptuous sensations. In addition, in women, not every intercourse ends with an orgasm. Reflections on this can darken the pleasure of intimacy. It is naive to expect every coitus to be perfect. And if a woman does not have an orgasm at all during intercourse and it suits her, but there is no partner, then this is a real problem. Repeatedly I had to work with the conviction of a woman's own inferiority due to a lack of orgasm, fueled by her partner. Remember, if you do not have an orgasm and you are satisfied with it, then this is your own business!

8. Masturbation is harmful to health

An ancient myth, but some still believe in it. There are only two forms of masturbation from the classification of G. S. Vasilchenko, which are signs of disorders in the development of human sexuality: perseverative-obsessive and early pre-pubertal masturbation. The first type is characterized by the obsession of the process, and the second indicates accelerated psychosexual development and organic brain disorders. All other types of masturbation: substitutional (during periods of absence of sex) and masturbation during the period of youthful hypersexuality are not dangerous for mental and physical health.

The study of any practical activity begins with theory. You will not be allowed to drive unless you pass the traffic rules exam. And this principle has a logical basis. Is "quality" sex possible without basic information about the structure of the genitals and discussion with your partner and his preferences? But let your knowledge be gleaned not from porn films and pulp fiction, but from medical sexology reference books and scientific articles. Then your intimate life will become more interesting and enjoyable.

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