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International Festival Of Body Practices In Batumi - Events
International Festival Of Body Practices In Batumi - Events

Video: International Festival Of Body Practices In Batumi - Events

Video: International Festival Of Body Practices In Batumi - Events
Video: International festival competition “New Life 2019” & “WONDERLAND 2019” 2023, December

On October 10-13, 2019 in Batumi (Georgia) the first international festival of bodily psychotherapy practices in the Caucasus region was held. It was organized by the Caucasian Association for Body-Oriented Psychotherapy. Our Psychology acted as an information sponsor

The festival was attended by representatives of 10 countries (Belarus, Great Britain, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Kazakhstan, Russia, Slovenia, USA, Ukraine). Various areas of psychotherapy and systems of working with the body were presented:

  • biosynthesis,
  • bioenergy analysis,
  • M. Feldenkrais system,
  • thanatotherapy,
  • hakomi method …

The participants received a lot of impressions and are actively sharing them in social networks.

The body is an important tool in psychotherapy. Body practices are used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Moreover, the body is a resource that is always with you, so a number of bodily practices contribute to self-regulation and increase the level of awareness.

Body-oriented psychotherapy (TOP) was created almost 100 years ago in Vienna: it was developed by psychoanalyst and Freud's student Wilhelm Reich. Over the past century, TOP has become popular in different countries of the world; it has dozens of recognized schools.

TOP is not work "with the body", it is work "through the body." Through the body, we gain access to the inner psychological content, it can be explored and transformed.

But even if a specialist is not certified in the field of TOP, familiarity with this area will help him pay more attention to the client's body, understand and feel it.

Of course, bodily practices are useful for everyone who wants to improve contact with their body, make it fuller, better understand and accept their body.

The International Festival of Body Psychotherapy Practices in Georgia will become an annual tradition. The next Festival will take place on September 24-27, 2020 in Tbilisi. It can be attended by both specialists and everyone interested in bodily practices and self-development.

Applications for participation (as presenters and participants) send to: [email protected]