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"A Man Crashed In Front Of My Eyes!" - Society
"A Man Crashed In Front Of My Eyes!" - Society

Video: "A Man Crashed In Front Of My Eyes!" - Society

Video: "A Man Crashed In Front Of My Eyes!" - Society
Video: Jane Elliott's "Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes" Anti-Racism Exercise | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN 2023, June

Hello! I just can't get rid of the feeling of confusion, the wrongness of life. Recently, I saw a middle-aged man jump from a nearby balcony. The man crashed! My husband and I were standing on our balcony: the evening was warm, summer, the children were already asleep. And at first they heard a woman's voice: “Which of us is a man? Who if not you?”, Swearing, the wind carried many words in scraps. And then something dark flew down and the slippers followed. It was the sixth floor, the man did not survive … It's scary when death is so close to you. How to get rid of anxiety? Are you worried that the same could happen to my husband, son?

Tatiana, 47 years old

Death is always close at all - in crime news, in an ambulance rushing past, in photographs of ancestors in a family album, in advertisements for funeral services, in a dead dove on the road, even in a falling yellow autumn leaf …

Once the plague "mowed down" half of Europe, world wars claimed tens of millions of lives, tsunamis, earthquakes, man-made disasters to this day are capable of destroying thousands of people indiscriminately and any opportunity for the mind to cling to at least the most absurd logic of explaining what is happening - "for sins of the country "," such is the highest craft "," all these are tests of climate weapons "," for the good of future generations."

Tens, hundreds, thousands of such generations of people go into the past like dust blown by the wind. Just three or four centuries ago, the age of 40-50 years was considered a rare longevity. Even now, the hematology departments of children's hospitals are overwhelmed with crumbs dying from leukemia and mothers sleeping on chairs by their beds without any hope of a better outcome. Even now, a new form of "tourism" is just gaining momentum - for euthanasia in countries where this procedure has become legalized. Even now, the central TV channels every now and then report about another cancer patient, an honored pensioner who shot himself in Moscow (!) Due to the impossibility of getting a narcotic pain reliever.

The number of completed suicides alone in Russia is comparable to the number of road traffic accidents victims on the country's roads - 15-18 thousand per year

And you say - "a warm summer evening … the slippers flew after …". Just don’t think that I’m sarcastic, ironic or trying to discount your concern. On the contrary, I want to show you your neurotic anxiety, to explain that such anxiety arises only when the psychological defense, established from childhood and daily protecting consciousness from such a perception of the world, “flies off”.

In the same way, it "flies" in a huge number of people rushing to conduct an MRI of the brain immediately after the tragic death of Zhanna Friske from a malignant tumor. Sweeping away iodine in pharmacies when reporting in the yellow press about the alleged radiation threat. Pharmaceutical companies that pay for super profits when buying expensive pacifiers under the guise of antiviral drugs in times of almost specially fanned panic before the "terrible epidemics" of bird flu, swine flu, SARS, etc.

From a rational point of view, one should not be afraid that “death is so close to you” when it is in you from the very birth

When you are born, you already begin your path to her, and only for someone this path is shorter, and for someone it is longer. Do not be afraid that “the same can happen to your husband or son”, when both in the wedding hall and when leaving the hospital it is quite logical to think that this will undoubtedly happen to them someday. The thing is that one simply does not think about it, while consciousness is protected from such thoughts by a reliable psychological defense, but one warm evening … under certain circumstances, this defense, it turns out, can waver.

Modern science already knows that this does not happen to everyone, but only to those who initially, that is, constitutionally, genetically have an increased level of anxiety

Usually it manifests itself in the form of excessive emotional sensitivity, vulnerability, lability, suspiciousness, suggestibility. Ultimately, it is associated with a low threshold of anxiety response and insufficient stress resistance.

You can easily find that one of your parents, at least a grandfather or grandmother, was an overly emotional person. Either very fearful and restless, or irritable and angry, or nervous and hysterical, or socially or creatively irresistible, but one way or another - not calm and not balanced.

And your husband, for example, might not have such inheritance. And the next day, or maybe an hour later, he forgot this unfortunate episode, which in fact plunged you into a state of anxious neurosis.

It just seemed to you that the observed suicide was the cause of everything. He was not the reason. He was only a provoking factor, “the last straw that broke the dam” of suppressed anxiety

However, this is not a problem. As you understand, there are so many emotional natures with increased anxiety and lack of psychological defenses against her “breakthroughs” into consciousness, there are so many such neuroses. It is not always possible to cope with them on your own, if relaxing rest, sports, work, creativity and distraction of attention to something pleasant and interesting no longer help.

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