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Tell Life "Yes!" - Partner News
Tell Life "Yes!" - Partner News

Video: Tell Life "Yes!" - Partner News

Video: Tell Life "Yes!" - Partner News
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The Forum on Suicide Prevention "Say Yes to Life" will take place on November 20 - 21 in St. Petersburg

The challenges of the modern world make one of the priorities the task of preserving the mental health of a Person and the formation of a culture of critical perception of information.

The daily press of stress, the uncontrolled use by marketers of technologies for influencing the psyche in advertising, a powerful stream of misleading inaccurate information from the Internet on the one hand, and the lack of a culture of consumption of psycho-psychotherapeutic services, on the other, create a real threat to the mental health of society.

Unfortunately, today the concept of "information war" has become an attribute of our daily life. Unscrupulous politicians use technologies of systemic whipping up of hysteria, absolutely not caring about the catastrophic consequences that lead to the destruction of mental health. This naturally leads to the development of personality disorders, anxiety disorders, depression. The population responds to this trend no less actively, getting involved in the conflicting and sometimes toxic environment of virtual reality.

These and many other factors provoke an annual increase in the number of suicides. Every 40 seconds, one person voluntarily passes away

According to the World Health Organization, among young people aged 15-29, suicide is the second leading cause of death after death in road traffic accidents. In the group of adolescents aged 15-19, suicide is the second cause of death among girls (after complications of pregnancy and childbirth) and the third cause of death among boys (after road accidents and interpersonal violence).

To discuss this problem and ways to solve it, the first International Forum on Suicide Prevention "Say YES to Life!" The forum will take place on November 20 in St. Petersburg and November 21 in Moscow. It is planned to hold a teleconference between the two capitals and on-line broadcast of the event.

Important topics for discussion

  • 1. Systemic prevention of suicides. Organization of assistance to victims.
  • 2. Child (teenage) suicide.
  • 3. Post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidal behavior.

In addition to medical workers, it is planned to involve representatives of the executive and legislative authorities, the power bloc, public organizations (in particular, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation).


November 20, 2019 - St. Petersburg State State Healthcare Institution "City Center for Medical Prevention" (SPb GKUZ GTSMP)

Address: 191023, St. Petersburg, Tsentralny district, Italyanskaya st., 25

November 21, 2019 - Moscow branch of the NGO "Association for Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy".

Address: 109012, Moscow, Central District (CAD), Tverskoy district, st. Ilyinka, 4