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Profession As Inspiration. 5 Questions To Yourself To Find A Business You Like - Image
Profession As Inspiration. 5 Questions To Yourself To Find A Business You Like - Image

Video: Profession As Inspiration. 5 Questions To Yourself To Find A Business You Like - Image

Video: Profession As Inspiration. 5 Questions To Yourself To Find A Business You Like - Image
Video: To find work you love, don't follow your passion | Benjamin Todd | TEDxYouth@Tallinn 2023, December

Sooner or later, each person finds himself at the crossroads of choosing a profession. Some listen to the call of the heart, others shift the responsibility to parents / friends / relatives, others follow their dreams, and someone continues to stand still due to fear of the unknown

This decision is one of the most important, because a person spends about 50% of their conscious time at work. Just think about this figure. It turns out that a profession in the modern world is not just a way to earn money, but a way of life and an indicator of its quality. Moreover, according to the disappointing research results, about 40% of the population are dissatisfied with their work, and some even hate it.

I, as a psychotherapist and also a coach in the field of goal setting, want to influence this picture and make it more positive. If you are looking for your business to your liking, then right now answer yourself honestly to 5 important questions, and you will understand what you really like.

1. "What annoys me about other people's activities?"

A competent restaurateur will always be hooked by the lack of service and incompetence of waiters in other people's establishments, and a talented vocalist - by false notes performed by another singer. An experienced chef will infuriate a salty dish, and a stylist "from God" - an unprofessional coloring.

Personally, I am pissed off by "non-psychologists" who have read one book and decided to conquer the entire Internet with their non-ecological and incompetent advice. I recognize such a "specialist" out of a thousand.

Listen to yourself, maybe something annoys you in the activities of other people? If so, this is a great sign that you can do a lot better for this job. So go for it.

2. "Who do I envy?"

Now we are not talking about a new sable coat or an S-class Mercedes. Think specifically about professionalism. You are unlikely to dream of the success of Bill Gates if you yourself do not understand IT technologies. Elon Musk, being one of the most successful people in the world, may not become an object of envy for you either, because launching rockets into space is not your "game". And the success of Donald Trump will also remain on the sidelines.

But the stylish collection of the famous designer at the fashion week, perhaps, will stir your senses. Or the thundering bestseller of a fashionable author will not let you fall asleep until the morning, reminding you that you have long dreamed of writing a book. Or the wild success of your former classmate will lead you to the thought "and I can do it and want it too."

Such a reaction of yours is not a reason for sadness, as many think, but rather even a reason for joy, because it is a real sign of the Universe, which seems to hint to you that you, too, can have such achievements, if you just want to and start acting.

So your envy is an indicator of your needs and abilities. And if you have such a feeling for something, then you yourself can have it.

3. "What articles do you read?"

Analyze the world that surrounds you. What kind of books are you studying? What bloggers are you following on social media? What do you do during your moments of relaxation? Where are your thoughts when you dream?

If a person studies something when he could be idle, then he is really passionate and interested in this direction.

For example, I have always adored reading books and articles on psychology, and even when I sunbathe in the sun somewhere near the sea, my thoughts are always directed towards client situations, new programs and courses.

4. "What would I be doing if I didn't need money?"

As a rule, if you are really passionate about something, it doesn't really matter to you how much they pay for it, because the main thing is to get high from the process. Think what interests you so much that you are ready to do it for free? What are you ready to talk about for days, sacrificing sleep and good rest? This can be your dream job.

I hope you honestly answered each question and made clear conclusions, and perhaps you have already identified the direction you like. If so, please answer one more question.

5. "How can I make money on this?"

Believe me, there are options, and there are many of them - the world offers countless possibilities. Your task is to see them.

Listen to yourself, love yourself, analyze what is happening around you. Perhaps the Universe has long wanted to help you - let it do it. And know - it's never too late to find your way. If it's scary to start, think of Mary Kay Ash, who founded her cosmetics company Mary Kay at 45. Even more inspiring is Garland Sanders, who built the KFC fast food empire by age 65.

I hope everyone who read this article found motivation and inspiration in it, and now the number of people who are happy in their profession will increase significantly.