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Overweight Vaccination. How To Lose Weight Without Diets And Exercise Equipment? - The Quality Of Life
Overweight Vaccination. How To Lose Weight Without Diets And Exercise Equipment? - The Quality Of Life

Video: Overweight Vaccination. How To Lose Weight Without Diets And Exercise Equipment? - The Quality Of Life

Video: Overweight Vaccination. How To Lose Weight Without Diets And Exercise Equipment? - The Quality Of Life
Video: How to lose weight FAST at home, without exercise | BeerBiceps Weight Loss Diet Advice 2023, June

Marketers have calculated that the creator of a magic pill that helps to get rid of excess fat would become a dollar millionaire in 1.5 minutes - such is the demand for "magic" weight loss products. How real is such a pill and how to get a vaccine against excess weight - says "weight-loss" psychologist Galina Turetskaya, the author of the weight loss program, clinically confirmed on the basis of the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Looking for a "magic pill" (read - slimming tea with sibutramine, 33rd magic diet, slimming shorts, foods labeled "no fat, no sugar, no calories") is a manifestation of the so-called magical thinking that is characteristic of primitive children cultures, exorcism fans … and overweight people. Because behind the kilograms there is an unconscious reason - the very “childishness”, the unwillingness to respond to the challenges of life in adult ways.

Globally, only in 5% of cases of weight gain physiology is to blame, that is, a diagnosed metabolic disorder and other pathologies. The remaining 95% of cases are eating behavior: overeating, the force of attraction to the sofa and … at the heart of everything is psychological immaturity, when the body grows upward and outward, and the psyche, for various reasons, is not ready for increased loads.

Note: the more the world accelerates and becomes more complex, the faster the rate of the overweight epidemic. A couple of decades ago, overweight was called an epidemic, today, according to the World Health Organization, it is already a pandemic, that is, an epidemic on the scale of mankind and problem number 1 in the list of global problems

And in second place on this list is hunger. Well, aren't we, people, contradictory ?!

There is almost always a contradiction behind being overweight. Allowing it means getting the overweight vaccine.

Not by bread alone

William the Conqueror immortalized his name in history not only by conquering England and building the Tower, but also by the first known diet in history. Fighting with weight, the monarch replaced food with alcohol and … eventually died from excessive obesity.

It is believed that any addiction - gambling, shopping, tobacco, drug, erotic - goes back to the so-called oral deficiency. Simply put - the love that was not received with the mother's milk. The twins-brothers of food addiction are tobacco and alcohol.

From the first cry of the baby, the habit of regulating emotions is firmly embedded, first falling to the mother's breast, then to the nipple, then to the refrigerator. In a person with food addiction, any stress causes a cry from the heart, inaudible behind a full mouth: “I'm still small! I want to go to my mom's hands!"

Simply everything that we put into our mouths, knowing full well that it is either illegal, immoral, or leads to obesity, is designed to satisfy the deficit of love, the symbol of which for the subconscious is food. Especially sweet and fatty, like mother's milk. It is no coincidence that chocolate, ice cream and cakes are leading in the list of "weight-gaining" addictions. Sweets, cigarettes and a glass of wine become unnecessary when the deficit of love is compensated by psychological techniques.

Man, woman and overweight

There was even a documentary on the connection between psychological immaturity and male infertility, in which I was invited to take part. After all, being overweight is a common cause of infertility for both men and women. What is behind this?

“I’m not ready to be a man” is an unconscious message of “beer belly”, which is also called colloquially “a bundle of nerves”, and in psychology - a zone of social stress. Fears and unfulfilled ambitions live here. Male excess weight is inversely proportional to testosterone levels.

“I'm already pregnant” is an unconscious message of female excess weight, which can be deciphered in different ways.

For example, "I am afraid to show the world my feminine attractiveness - so I will curtain myself with fat." Most clearly, this unconscious phenomenon is embodied in tangible kilograms in women who have experienced violence. As protection and at the same time rejection of female attractiveness.

Volumes of scientific papers have been written about the connection between femininity, sexuality and excess weight. And if you simplify, you get: "I'm not mature enough to be a woman." That is, "I'd rather be a girl or just jump into the role of mommy." To these roles, extra weight even suits the face, especially mom: big, warm, feed everyone - a very socially attractive image.

I'm not guilty! He came himself!

“In spite of the thieves I will burn my apartment” is the unconscious motive of those who gorge themselves without hunger, to stomach pain. This is auto-aggression - an unconscious desire to harm oneself.

Overweight kills for a long time, but reliably: according to the totality of all diseases associated with overeating, overweight is No. 1 in the list of premature deaths

But this is not like committing suicide: not so scary, not so condemned. And in general, "I'm not guilty, he (overweight) came by himself." By the way, the transfer of responsibility is also a "childish" trait.

So, looking for a magic pill or getting a psychological vaccination against excess weight?

A pill for fat is unlikely to ever be invented. After all, the cause of excess weight is much deeper than the imbalance of incoming and outgoing calories.

95% of the causes of weight gain are psychological. And the deepest one is that food = love. The food brings back the feeling of comfort and security on the mother's arms

And the extra pounds themselves subconsciously perform the function of protection. Therefore, simply removing excess weight from the body - by surgery or by diet and exercise - is not only extremely difficult, but also dangerous. A void remains in this place, and any void will surely be filled - with food or other addictions.

And each next "pill" costs the body a weight gain in kilograms and moral damage in the form of low self-esteem and dislike for your long-suffering body, from which the body is even more protected with the help of kilograms. It's like taking a course of antibiotics to get rid of a fever. And then a course of antihistamines to get rid of the damage done by antibiotics. And then another course to strengthen the immune system, undermined by previous courses … and so on. In the vicious circle of diets and other external means, you can wander endlessly.

The solution is to stop treating kilograms as an external problem. Instead, turn on your inner psychological resource. This is how the vaccine differs from the pill, which temporarily relieves the symptom. To break the link "food = love", to learn to give yourself a state of love, security, self-worth, to build a healthy defense within yourself - this is the inoculation against excess weight

Based on the materials of the conference “Psychology of the Present. Crises and Resources"

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