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6 Main Rules Of Spontaneous Sex - Relationship, Sex
6 Main Rules Of Spontaneous Sex - Relationship, Sex

Video: 6 Main Rules Of Spontaneous Sex - Relationship, Sex

Video: 6 Main Rules Of Spontaneous Sex - Relationship, Sex
Video: 6 Ways to have spontaneous sex 2023, March

Life, for all our striving for its ordering and planning, fortunately, is far from mechanical living. And thanks for that is worth saying to His Majesty the Chance

You can spontaneously walk into a store and catch a dream dress on sale. Or, unexpectedly for yourself, buy a ticket and win the lottery. Or you can accidentally see a person and experience a violent passion that can result in sex, which you will remember all your life! Or become a terrible adventure that you want to forget about.

Modern ladies are quite emancipated, and it is not at all ashamed to admit to themselves the desire for intimacy - even one-time, even with a stranger! We will tell you how to make your decision bring only positive emotions and comfort.

1. Make your decision intelligently

Wherever you meet - at a noisy friendly party, a rock concert or in the library - having experienced a bright magnetic attraction, it is worth giving yourself the opportunity and time to think alone. To do this, you can move away from the object of passion for a couple of minutes under any pretext and be out of the reach of its pheromones. Such a technique helps to perfectly understand whether you really want it or not.

The decision to continue communication should be made only if the man made a splash. You understand that you will regret the missed opportunity to feel the wild seething blood and adrenaline rush. In other cases, it's better to take your time and just talk. Perhaps you will find many common themes and you will continue your acquaintance, which can become fateful, at another time.

2. Safety comes first

This rule applies not only to the issue of hygiene and contraception - here we girls are already savvy and often carry a pack of condoms with us. Think about whether you will regret having sex in the future under the influence of a momentary desire, for example, with a friend's husband or with your boss? These are, of course, the most striking examples, but such ethical questions may arise in other cases.

Also, the choice of the place of "action" is related to security issues. It is unlikely that you will want to communicate with the police instead of a beautiful intimate moment, which will draw up a protocol on petty hooliganism. Therefore, first of all, beware of public places, entrances, parking lots in the city center, parks, etc. After all, in addition to a fine, you can also get a compromising photo or video from a bystander who will post hot content on the Web. Do you need it?

3. Do not invite him to your place

Of course, choosing the location of your adventure is not always easy to solve, but be that as it may, do not call your potential partner to you. After all, you, by and large, do not know him. You never know what problems will have to be solved later? From banal pursuit to theft. It is better to agree to the invitation to go for a "cup of coffee" to him, if, of course, you are sure that this is not a maniac or a serial killer.

If everything is in order, but the house option is not yours - the hotel will help you! Just always remember - you don't owe anything to anyone. If on the way you still change your mind, do not be afraid to tell the man directly. Indeed, in your case, sex is spontaneous, it also presupposes spontaneous refusal.

4. Have the courage

If you have already decided to bring the matter to its logical conclusion, be relaxed and try to have fun. This is not always easy, especially if the situation is unusual for you. One piece of advice - do not deny yourself one or two glasses of alcohol, just not more - they will relieve stress and awaken imagination.

Allow yourself to experiment and the right to orgasm! Just remember - in bed, only that which does not cause protest from both participants in the process is acceptable. The main thing is the pleasure of both! Do not be afraid to refuse that form of affection that is unacceptable to you, and avoid taking photos and videos with your participation.

5. Part beautifully

When everything expected has happened, the important moment is to say goodbye in time and correctly. Do not wait for the morning - waking up together is only suitable for romantic comedies. You, in order to avoid embarrassment, need to freely leave the love nest.

In the event that you find yourself on your territory, it is better to agree in advance when the man should leave. Let the excuse be early waking up and getting ready for work or something else - it doesn't matter. If you indulged in love passion with your partner at home, try to leave unnoticed, leaving, as an option, your phone number. Who knows, sometimes spontaneous sex becomes the basis of a long relationship.

6. Don't regret anything

Regardless of whether the spontaneous sex was enchanting, or brought more frustration than pleasure, make it a rule not to regret anything. What is the point of reproaching yourself for a mistake, remembering mother's words from childhood that sex is bad? Perhaps this man is a very interesting conversationalist, you have a lot in common, you like to communicate with him. And one not the best sex can put an end to an emerging relationship … Did he really like you and was he just worried? This also happens. Sometimes it's worth giving the person a second chance …

And if this is not the option, then there is no place for despair and excessive reflection. Be open to new encounters and adventures, and next time you will be lucky

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