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5 Effective Exercises For Rejuvenation - The Quality Of Life
5 Effective Exercises For Rejuvenation - The Quality Of Life

Video: 5 Effective Exercises For Rejuvenation - The Quality Of Life

Video: 5 Effective Exercises For Rejuvenation - The Quality Of Life

In childhood, we dream of growing up as soon as possible, at 18 we are sure that youth will last forever, and after 40, realizing how quickly time flies, we strive to return youth. Some resort to radical methods for this

It turns out that in order to lose 5-10 years, you do not need to become a regular at beauty salons. It is enough to change some of our "settings" and use the individual ones instead of the "default" ones.

What are these settings? We say: "a woman of about forty", "a man of about fifty", "he looks younger than his age", "she looks older than her age." However, these frameworks are not fixed once and for all, they change depending on the place and time. Just half a century ago, people in their 30s, 40s, 50s looked much older than our contemporaries; there is no need to talk about earlier times. Obviously, the very idea of age, the inner feeling of it by people were different.

The world has changed in many ways, but previous generations continue to be a reference point for us. In some ways we strive to be like our parents; peers are another significant model for us.

Even if you have achieved more in life than your classmate or classmate, you compare yourself to them. What will you be like in a few years? Perhaps you will look like someone from your environment who is somewhat older than you.

If you lived, say, half a century later, then your settings would be different - and at the same age you would look younger than now, without resorting to radical cosmetic procedures.

Are such metamorphoses possible now? Certainly. You are not able to change your environment as a whole, but you can change your place in this coordinate system.

First you need to understand where you are and where you have to move.

Exercise 1. Feel the Distance

For two to three days, you will need to pay attention to people older than you, then take a break, and for two to three days, pay attention only to those who are younger than you.

Try to feel how significant inner distance separates you from people 5, 10, 15 years older / younger than you? Where do you aspire - to old age or to youth?

In childhood, we chose people older than us as a guide, but now your vector should change to the opposite.

Exercise 2. Fall in love with youth

Realize the benefits of being young. Make a list of what will change in your life if you look 5–8–10–… years younger. Having realized these possibilities, you will translate them into a very real plane. They will serve as a stimulus for positive changes in your body. Your brain will begin to work on the task of how to achieve what gives you so many benefits.

Pros of youth:

  • attractiveness in the eyes of all people without exception. As you get younger, you will be more liked by your children, parents, colleagues, etc.;
  • health (as Japanese scientists have found out, the state of the organisms of people who look younger than their age is really better than that of their peers);
  • the future, because you will have the opportunity to carry out many plans.

Exercise 3. Sketch vectors

This exercise follows the same pattern as the first. For a few days, you pay attention to people older than you, then take a break and look only at young people. However, your goals are different: first, pay attention to external age-related changes that you especially do not like, and then - to the features of appearance that are characteristic of young age and cause you the most vivid positive emotions.

Try to enhance both sensations. Increase the inner distance between you and people older than you: look at them through the eyes of a young person; imagine that these are very mature people who are much older than you.

Imagine these people beautiful and healthy, mentally erasing age-related changes. Thus, you will create for yourself a different, more attractive image of old age.

Now look at the young people. Admire them, note what you like about them, be charged with the positive coming from them. And - erase the distance. Do not oppose yourself to those who are younger than you, such thoughts will not add any advantages to you. Better tell yourself, "They are young, healthy and beautiful, and I am getting younger, healthier and more beautiful."

Supermarket game

Imagine that you have come to a store where you can buy whatever you want: beautiful smooth skin, thick healthy hair, a slim fit figure. But money is not in use here. There is only one coin acting here - emotions: a feeling of admiration, sympathy, a great desire to possess this or that property. If you think that the "purchase" is "beyond your means", it will not take place. What will you put in your "basket"?

To get younger, you need to choose a different age. First, I suggest that you imagine that changes only happen within one day.

Exercise 4. "I'm 18 again"

If you have ever played computer or role-playing games, then it will not be difficult for you to imagine yourself in the role of any character. So, you got into a similar reality and won a prize: for one day you will be 18 years old again.

You wake up in the morning - … the sky is blue, the sun is shining brightly, you are full of energy. Feel how your face and body are becoming younger, imbued with a sense of joy and pleasure from what is happening to you.

Exercise 5. Choosing an age

Now is the time to choose the age you want to look like. Imagine the number that seems to you the most real, and subtract three or four years from this date, because it is better to lower the bar somewhat in order to achieve a guaranteed result.

Now you will be targeting people in this age group, paying attention to how they look, how they dress, how they behave, what they are interested in. Now these are your peers, and your task is to become one of them.

  • Take a fresh look at your behavioral habits. Grumbling, grumbling, irritability will not diminish your years and will not add to your health - unlike the bright and positive emotions that young people tend to experience.
  • Young people tend to constantly develop, learn new things, so you should not lag behind her in intellectual development.
  • Make plans for the future. If there are more important events in our past, we feel older than our years, and if our plans outweigh what we have achieved, then we feel younger.

The desire for the changes that you have outlined to take place, the belief that what is happening to you is real, the pleasure that you become younger, young emotions, the feeling of joy in life will help you change not only internally, but also externally.

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