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Mindfulness 2.0 Summer - Partner News
Mindfulness 2.0 Summer - Partner News

Video: Mindfulness 2.0 Summer - Partner News

Video: Mindfulness 2.0 Summer - Partner News
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Summer in the style of mindfulness 2.0” is a new summer project from the expert in fitness for the mind and stress management Snezhana Zamalieva.

Snezhana Zamalieva, a leading expert on the methodology of mental training “mindfulness” in Russia, a clinical psychologist, Ph. D., conducts a summer free course “Summer in the style of mindfulness 2.0” for everyone.

Moscow, June 18, 2019. - Summer training for the mind from Snezhana Zamalieva will allow participants to master the basic techniques of mental training and feel firsthand how just 10 minutes a day can radically change the quality of life. During the 12 summer weeks, Snezhana Zamalieva will teach the project participants how to properly train the "mental muscle", manage stress, and also be less reactive and at the same time more aware and benevolent.

Classes of the summer course in the format of video practitioners will be released every Saturday from June 1 to August 31 at 11.00 Moscow time on Snezhana Zamalieva's YouTube channel. Each video will be accompanied by a worksheet - a mini-diary for reflection, including questions for thought and recommendations for practice, which can be downloaded and completed as homework.

At the end of each new lesson, participants will be able to ask a question and receive a comment from Snezhana Zamalieva in private messages, comments on video tutorials on YouTube, as well as on social networks.

According to the organizers of the course, as a result of 12 Saturday classes and assignments for independent practice, each participant of the Summer in the Style of Mindfulness 2.0 program will be able to learn to better cope with life's challenges and become more effective in a variety of activities. For those who wish to continue learning new mental strategies, the summer course will be an excellent preparatory base for the 6-week Be Mindful main course, which is scheduled to launch in September 2019 in online and face-to-face formats.

About the speaker:

Snezhana Zamalieva is a leading expert on mindfulness in Russia, clinical psychologist, Ph. D. in philosophy, qualified teacher of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (UMass CFM) program, certified specialist in stress management at Harvard Medical School, author of the bestselling book “Ignite Your Life” in collaboration with Brian Tracy and the book Mindfulness Living: How to Train Your Brain, Manage Stress, and Be in Harmony with Yourself.

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