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On Vacation With Friends. 7 Rules For A Comfortable Vacation - Society
On Vacation With Friends. 7 Rules For A Comfortable Vacation - Society

Video: On Vacation With Friends. 7 Rules For A Comfortable Vacation - Society

Video: On Vacation With Friends. 7 Rules For A Comfortable Vacation - Society
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Summer is a great time for change and travel. It's time to think about how to please yourself and plan your vacation, tune in to new experiences. If you can't imagine your travels without a cheerful company, how to make your vacation bring only positive emotions? What to think in advance if you are going to travel with friends?

There are two fundamental issues that are important to discuss at the start:

1. Everything related to the organization and planning of the trip itself - the choice of the place, tickets, hotels, etc.

2. Personal characteristics and expectations of all members of the company. Including the choice of fellow travelers.

Let's consider in detail what can be done on each of these points so as not to spoil the rest

1. Choice of fellow travelers

A proven company or a new team - in any case, there are a few things to consider. How comfortable are you with these people, is there a community of interests, trust. Some things are better to learn "on the shore" than being far from home.

It is useful to take into account the peculiarities of temperament, how easy-going, active and emotional you and your companions are

For example, if you are going on vacation with a phlegmatic person, you should not wait for quick decisions and improvisations, but you will definitely look at everything that has been planned and you will not be late for the plane.

If you are going to rest with a choleric person, be prepared for periodic emotional outbursts and increased activity of a friend or girlfriend.

2. Allocation of responsibility

When you have decided on a company, it is useful to divide areas of responsibility - who is responsible for what during the trip. Someone for buying tickets and hotels, someone for searching maps and navigation, someone for the selection of interesting sights and places. So everyone will be in business and someone will not be overwhelmed.

Think about who is better at organizing the process, who is the pros in what matters

It is better to avoid situations where everything depends on only one person.

3. Clarification of financial capabilities

Discuss in advance how much each of you is willing to spend on travel and accommodation. For some, the comfort of five-star hotels is of fundamental importance, for some, a hostel is enough, but to extend the rest for a week.

How to plan a budget on the spot, where to eat, whether to buy tickets for events or excursions - all these are often fundamental questions that are not always thought of together

Divide the budget into general and personal, then you will have a more complete picture of your spending and a backup option if unforeseen circumstances arise.

4. Planning and organization of recreation

To make the trip happy for everyone, it is important to take into account the interests of all participants, their degree of activity and the preferred type of rest. Think over routes in advance, download maps. Discuss the highlights with the entire company so that everyone has a complete picture.

Try to take into account all the details of the routes, find common points of interest. It is important to discuss all the details in advance so as not to spoil the mood for yourself and those around you directly during the trip

Decide what you can book and buy in advance. This is especially important for long trips and independent tours, when everything depends on you, and not on the tour operator.

5. Comfortable daily routine for all

And now you are on a long-awaited vacation, but what if your girlfriend gets up at five in the morning to photograph the sunrise? This means that such an important point as the daily routine must also be discussed in advance. Someone needs a change of scenery on vacation, someone needs to see the maximum of sights, and someone just needs to get enough sleep.

If one of you wants to take a photo of the sunrise and the other wants to sleep a little longer, then you can find time in the afternoon so that you can all rest on your early wakes

Daytime and sleep patterns are a significant part of our well-being, and this is important for a good rest.

6. Together always and everywhere?

Sometimes you need to be able to rest from each other even while traveling. Everyone should be able to be separate from others if they feel the need.

In a new place, we are often overwhelmed by impressions and emotions, which is why it is so important sometimes to be alone with ourselves in order to feel them

If one of your friends wanted to wander alone, this does not mean that he is a bad friend, he just wants to immerse himself in his thoughts and interests.

7. We do not suppress conflicts

You should not waste your rest time on resentment and quarrels. Learn to talk about what is unpleasant for you. And strive to always do it respectfully and openly.

It will be useful to give in to each other in something in order to maintain a positive attitude and pleasant emotions after the trip

Remember that your friends are individuals with their own characteristics, needs and nuances. If you want to make your vacation positive, focus on respect and negotiation skills.