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Get Your Body Map Calibrated - For Wellness, Rejuvenation & Pleasure - Self-development
Get Your Body Map Calibrated - For Wellness, Rejuvenation & Pleasure - Self-development

Video: Get Your Body Map Calibrated - For Wellness, Rejuvenation & Pleasure - Self-development

Video: Get Your Body Map Calibrated - For Wellness, Rejuvenation & Pleasure - Self-development
Video: Body Mapping: A Useful Tool 2023, December

What is Body Map Calibration

Body Map Calibration is a system of exercises for healing, recovery and rejuvenation of the body by special soft and gentle touches to specific points on the body. The exercises are based on amazing findings from scientists over the past 20 years.

There are indeed body maps in our brains: sensory and motor maps. Therefore, the brain "knows" where the heel or little finger is, and which part of the body the feather touched. All parts of the body are represented in a specific region of the brain by their own regions, the size of which depends on the importance.

So, the area with the fingers is 100 times larger than the area of the torso, because the hand performs incomparably more tactile and motor movements, where accuracy and speed are needed.

As a result of illness, injury or occupational activity, these body maps can change and distort, physically, in the brain, and this leads to all sorts of health problems.

What exercise gives


Stroking in a special gentle way at a special speed in more than a hundred specific areas of the body helps to restore the map and immediately brings tangible positive results.

Exercise is easy and comfortable. Exercises will gradually "make" you love yourself, your body, and will bring joy, success and pleasure.


  • reduce the level of anxiety and stress;
  • normalize the functioning of the immune system, which reduces the symptoms of allergies and other autoimmune diseases;
  • effective against eating disorders;
  • improve coordination and balance;
  • increase libido;
  • reduce pain, including chronic pain;
  • reduce the manifestation of symptoms of depression;
  • lead to better sleep and help with insomnia.
  • help with various speech disorders, for example, with stuttering;
  • applicable for professional dystonias;
  • can be used in rehabilitation after injuries, operations and strokes and heart attacks.

Who is the author of the course

The course was developed by the laboratory of experimental psychology Mindware Lab in partnership with the magazine "Our Psychology".

The author of the course is Boris Zubkov, BSc (Hons) Psych, MBPsS, a member of the British Psychological Society and the International Association for the Study of Affective Touch (IASAT).

More about the course

The course consists of 45 video lessons, tests and other assignments. Lessons are very easy and comfortable to do.

All exercises are performed remotely online - on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

It is recommended to practice 15-30 minutes a day and complete the entire course within a month.

During the course you will be consulted, answered questions and helped by the course author Boris Zubkov. You can also ask questions before starting the course. Communication methods:

The course is held on the platform of online courses at

The course is available for 6 months from the date of payment.

Price of the course "Calibration of the body map": 2499 rubles

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Readers of Our Psychology can use a promotional code for a discount of 500 rubles. Promo code

: NashaPsy - enter it on the payment page in the "Discount coupon" field.

Testimonials from people who took the course

I love the Internet and find so many useful things there, and of course I decided to give it a try. The first assignments were nonsense, I thought, and then I experienced a real shock. Everything was inverted, I did not understand anything. I even got nauseous and seemed to be seasick. And after about ten minutes lightness came, which I had already forgotten about when I had the last time. To touch my lips - I was afraid, I thought there would be irritation, but no, on the contrary, some pleasant sensation, as in my youth.

I noticed that during a stressful situation I began to behave differently. As if I saw myself from the side - calm, and I know that I will decide everything. A colleague says about the situation at work, that everything is upside down, and a funny thought came to me: "But I can calmly turn everything into place, I do this every evening!" I really like it, I will continue to study. Thank you so much!

Valeria, 34 years old

I started doing these exercises because of psoriasis, but to be honest, I didn't believe it, because I had already tried everything. I enjoyed being able to calm down and relax almost instantly during exercise. Sleep improved after three days of practice. And ten days later I noticed that the skin on the elbows was without rough scales, barely rough, psoriasis remained, but I had such remission only a couple of times many years ago, after a long vacation at sea. And in winter I have it especially fierce, I don't even believe how is this possible? I will continue to study and keep you informed. Thank you for such a tool!

Lida, 47 years old

Honestly, I wanted to quit on the first day, but Boris asked to try for a couple more days. And the next day, as if suddenly flew away to childhood. I can't describe it, it's when all the attention is on what is around me, and not inside, in my head. Then I waited for the next day, because I wanted to fly back to childhood. It worked out, and when the video ended, I even felt sorry, as if the toy had been taken away. On the fifth day, my husband asked what I did, because I was younger and fresher. I want more exercises, new and more !!!

Julia, 27 years old

What the program gave me: a feeling of confidence appeared, tension disappeared, I relax more easily. I don’t understand yet, it seems that my headache has stopped often or has stopped at all? And one more thing: suddenly I had a libido, I really didn't expect it.

Anna, 44 years old