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Why Doesn't A Woman Need A Career? - Image
Why Doesn't A Woman Need A Career? - Image

Video: Why Doesn't A Woman Need A Career? - Image

Video: Why Doesn't A Woman Need A Career? - Image
Video: Explained | Why Women Are Paid Less | FULL EPISODE | Netflix 2023, December

Once I saw a career as the only possible way to live a decent life. I dreamed about her, working hard and fruitfully. But at a certain moment … I left the finish line and to this day I am glad that I made a decision on time. Not for a minute over the next nine years did I regret my choice, because then I actually chose … myself

Life today

Whatever one may say and what trainings on disclosing your true Self you may attend, but the modern world dictates its conditions. And to one degree or another, they still have an impact on us. Norms, rules, views, morality, trends … It is extremely difficult to take and abstract from all this in order to live in harmony with yourself. Largely thanks to life today, the image of a successful woman has been formed as we know it and to which many aspire.

This is the image of a woman who is not just busy with some business, but developing and growing in her profession. And the result of this is already assessed by nothing more than the status in the business environment and the number of zeros in the annual income level. But is this path really so joyful, as well as getting bonuses when moving along it?

In 2017, Russia became the leader in the number of women leaders for the third year in a row. Since 2016, their number has increased slightly and amounted to 47% (according to the report of the international network of independent audit and consulting firms Grant Thornton International)

Feelings come first?

Women tend to be more focused not only on the mind, but also on feelings, as they are conceived. That is why it is natural for women to be "responsible" for the atmosphere in the home, relationships within the family, comfort and understanding. Women are able to calm down great grief and give support to the doubter, warm them mentally with hugs.

Masculine nature feels free in the other. Where the priority of reason is important - sobriety of mind and clarity of consciousness. That is why we complement each other as a pair. Like puzzles: different, but together - a single whole.

What does a career mean for a woman?

Career is a phenomenon that rightfully dominates the male territory. What is important here is the thoughtfulness of each step and analysis of its consequences, well-thought-out strategies and making the right decisions, overcoming oneself and often cold calculation. Feelings are out of place here. They get in the way and can lead to wrong actions.

Of course, many men have a well-developed intuition, but, as a rule, they resort to it already at the final stage. As if they are checking themselves for the correctness of the decision

When a woman steps into male territory, she has to join the game according to the rules of that territory. According to the rules of men, which means - to cut in to the full mind and turn off feelings while working. But therein lies the ambush.

It’s impossible to go into the “battlefield”, switch to “heart” mode and swim home in a relaxed state “all-so-filled-with-love”. Especially when mentally you continue to throw spears and mercilessly burn at the stake those who, through their negligence, break off the last supply of the year, on which the annual bonus and the next increase directly depend.

A career for a woman is:

  • mind,
  • voltage,
  • subordination (not to someone, so to the conditions of the game),
  • professional growth,
  • status in society,
  • money.

Success criteria

Pleasure is, perhaps, the main thing that should measure the success of a woman in any of her activities. Women are designed in such a way that it is vitally important for them to enjoy what they do.

This is the strategy of women's development: "So that I feel good!" After all, then everyone around will be fine. And this should be taken into account when choosing a job, because, let me remind you, we devote most of our life to work.

What a woman really needs and without which there will be no harmony and balance in her life is self-realization.

Self-realization is any activity that reveals the potential inherent in nature (abilities, talents) and brings pleasure

And this is completely different from a career. Although success on this path can be no less than with the latter.

A woman has a very strong creative energy. By its strength, it is capable of deploying ships at sea. And it is of paramount importance to direct this energy into a constructive channel. Any activity that affects the level of feelings will be beneficial: manual, mental, applied, etc. But the very fact of having some kind of activity is very important. And it is characterized by such factors: interest, pleasure, money and development. Yes, employees should be paid for their work. But don't work for money. This is extremely destructive for the female nature. As they say, feel the difference …

Self-realization for a woman is:

  • feelings,
  • enthusiasm,
  • Liberty,
  • development,
  • satisfaction,
  • personal income.

What about realization in the family, as a wife and mother?

There are only a few of those for whom motherhood becomes a purpose in life. And then, looking at Instagram, you can find a considerable number of mothers who have put their happy motherhood on the rails of active activity. Someone teaches other mothers about children's "developmental", conducting trainings and master classes, and someone temptingly presents their life, skillfully letting native advertising between the lines and photos, receiving money for this and calling themselves loudly - "blogger". And what … Also a variant of self-realization.

Sooner or later, a woman gets tired of serving her family and begins to feel the need to reveal herself. The accumulated creative energy begins to look for ways of an environmentally friendly way out. If this does not happen, then everyone falls under the "distribution": relatives and friends, animals, neighbors in the entrance and even a cashier in a supermarket. A woman and her inner dissatisfaction are much worse than the most cynical intrigues in the male world.

I declare with full responsibility: there is no better cure for depression on maternity leave or in life in general, how to do an interesting, exciting business.