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Valio Clean Label Introduces Responsible Consumption Concept At Geek Picnic - Partner News
Valio Clean Label Introduces Responsible Consumption Concept At Geek Picnic - Partner News

Video: Valio Clean Label Introduces Responsible Consumption Concept At Geek Picnic - Partner News

Video: Valio Clean Label Introduces Responsible Consumption Concept At Geek Picnic - Partner News
Video: Responsible Consumption and Production CAMPaign 2023, June

On July 13-14, Moscow will host the largest open air of science and technology Geek Picnic, within which Valio invites guests to join the dialogue on responsible consumption. Visitors to Valio Clean Life will be able to calculate their carbon footprint, learn about the principles of choosing a “clean life” from invited experts, see what can be changed in everyday life for the benefit of the world around them and, of course, try Valio Clean Label products

- The inspiration for the creation of the Valio Clean Life territory within the framework of the festival was the Valio Clean Label product line - the first yoghurts in Russia, created in 2013 according to the “clean label” principle: simple composition and nothing superfluous - only milk, sourdough and jams, - said Elena Kipeneva, Senior Vice President for Marketing, Product Development and Quality, Valio LLC. - The idea of a “clean label” has gradually grown into the idea of a “clean life”, expressed in a responsible approach to the world and to everything we do.

The Valio Clean Life concept aims to show that it is easy and affordable for everyone to start following the clean life philosophy. This task also corresponds to the general theme of this year's festival - "To live forever."

As part of the Geek Picnic festival in Moscow, Valio invites guests to reflect on their impact on the environment. In assessing this impact, Valio is guided by the concept of carbon footprint, which is used by scientists as a universal estimate of the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced as a result of any human activity, organization or production, expressed in terms of the mass of carbon dioxide - CO2.

At the festival, Valio will tell guests about what is responsible consumption and why reducing your carbon footprint is an important and necessary step. Each visitor will be able to measure their carbon footprint using a simple test designed specifically for the Valio Clean Life site. The test will be available on consultants' tablets or smartphones using a QR code. After completing it, each guest will know the level of their carbon footprint and receive individual recommendations for reducing it.

“Valio believes that both business and individuals can make a meaningful contribution to solving the global problems of humanity. That is why the company joined the UN Sustainable Development Program. One of the most notable initiatives of Valio was a project designed to influence the well-being of the entire planet, - said Elena Kipeneva. - In Finland, where the company is the largest dairy producer, Valio announced a project to reduce the carbon footprint of its business.

Ideas and the importance of responsible consumption will be presented by speakers of the Valio Clean Life lecturer, such as biologist and popularizer of science Alexander Panchin, Russia's first environmental trainer Roman Sablin, ecologist, junior researcher at the Institute of Water Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences Artyom Akshintsev and co-founder of the course of sustainable consumption "Now so" Maria Gelman.

Guests who complete the quest from Valio and the organizers of the Geek Picnic festival, will tell their friends about the importance and value of responsible consumption on social networks, and receive a nice gift that will help them continue to follow the ideas of a clean life after the festival.

“The Valio Clean Life territory is a lively dialogue about the future, uniting the efforts of producers and consumers in an effort to make the world a better place together, ” notes Elena Kipeneva. - No wonder the mission of Valio around the world sounds like this: together we make life better. The preservation of the environment is the result of cooperation between a responsible consumer and a responsible manufacturer.

By 2035, the company plans to reduce the carbon footprint of milk produced in Finland to zero. Among the main tools that will reduce emissions by 80-90% are the Concern's patented method of processing animal waste, an innovative approach to land cultivation and to work with pasture grass cover. The remaining 10-20% of emissions will be reduced by optimizing production and logistics processes and new packaging solutions. The concern is also discussing measures that can be implemented by Valio subsidiaries that purchase milk from non-Finnish farmers. The company's specialists note that the bulk of greenhouse gas emissions falls on the stage of raw milk production, and not on its transportation and processing. Therefore, the reduction of the carbon footprint is promoted, among other things, bygeneral practices to improve production efficiency in farms, measures to improve the quality and life expectancy of animals. For many years, such measures have been part of the company's standard practice for interacting with milk suppliers for Valio products around the world, including in Russia.

About Valio

Valio LLC is a Russian division of the Finnish concern Valio, a leading manufacturer of dairy products in Finland, was founded in 1994 in St. Petersburg. The direction of the company's activity today is the production and sale of products manufactured at the only own plant in Russia, at partner enterprises, as well as the import of baby food, non-dairy and lactose-free products from Finland.

About Valio Clean Label

Valio Clean Label products are the first yoghurts in Russia created according to the “clean label” principle. Such products contain only clear and simple ingredients, without "E" -additives.

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