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Psychological Maturity: How To Recognize A Male Infant - Society
Psychological Maturity: How To Recognize A Male Infant - Society

Video: Psychological Maturity: How To Recognize A Male Infant - Society

Video: Psychological Maturity: How To Recognize A Male Infant - Society
Video: How to Test Your Emotional Maturity 2023, December

To one degree or another, signs of infantilism are observed in most men. Men, more than women, are passionate about various games and are ready to sit for hours at the computer, forgetting about their duties, promises and even family. Men are forgiven for side affairs, disrespect, lack of motivation, constant lying on the couch, and the presence of bad habits. In fact, all these are signs of infantilism - unwillingness to grow up, make decisions, be responsible for their loved ones

A classic example of a male baby looks like this: despite his age, material wealth, position in society, a male baby is dependent on his mother, constantly calls up to her and advises on any occasion. Such a person has not matured spiritually.

The baby man is immediately visible: he is not adapted to everyday life from the word "at all", and this is not surprising - everything and always was done for him by his mother. If something doesn't work out for him, he immediately begins to hysteria, accuses you of all mortal sins and his failures. If you entrust him with some important task, he will most likely dissolve in space, run away either to his mother or to friends. For example, promising to meet you at the airport after your arrival, he will schedule a party with friends for this time, then he will tell you that he simply forgot, confused the time - in general, "I'm not guilty, I'm sorry."

With all his love for his mother, he cannot stand your parents and, most likely, will refuse to visit them, referring again to his mother or friends. Why? Yes, because in your parents' house he is not a beloved son, who can do anything, but a man who is expected to be responsible

Being in a close relationship with a baby man, you may notice that he does some of his own business for hours, for example, plays computer games, and is completely not interested in you. The circle of basic interests of a male baby looks like this: mom, hobbies, friends. You and your relationship are not and will not be on this list, because you want something all the time, but should, like a mother, forgive everything or, as friends, approve everything.

All thoughts of a male baby are aimed at satisfying his interests - both in everyday life and in terms of sex. He needs you as a link between him and everyday life, between his desire and satisfaction.

In a relationship with a male baby, literally everything will fall on your shoulders. He will constantly need care, custody, love, lisping, that is, in other words, some of the functions of a mother will pass to you

Of course, you will be worse than your mother, but if you take good care of your stock, your shares will rise significantly in value, and then a new level of your relationship will open to you - educational functions will pass to you: you can finally raise a man from a baby.