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“The Husband Is Dating Another Woman ” - Relationship, Sex
“The Husband Is Dating Another Woman ” - Relationship, Sex

Video: “The Husband Is Dating Another Woman ” - Relationship, Sex

Video: “The Husband Is Dating Another Woman ” - Relationship, Sex
Video: Me, My Husband, and Our Live-in Lovers | LOVE DON'T JUDGE 2023, March

My husband and I have been married for 15 years, everything was as it should be, a loud wedding, flowers and gifts. My parents bought us an apartment, and soon our first-born son was born. We were in seventh heaven. Three years later, we also met with great joy the birth of our daughter. When the children grew up, they began to go on vacation together, wherever they had not been! Now I look at these photos, and I can't even believe it. In general, we were really friendly and happy. Everything broke in one moment. And he told me that my dad was dating another woman, our fast-growing boy. I will not describe my bitter feelings and suffering. I only shared it with my mother, she, like all Russian women, advises to endure and not say anything. But I clearly do not have enough strength for silent suffering. I understand that it is impossible to live long on the brink of divorce,it is necessary to make a decision … Is it worth talking to your husband and how to build this conversation?

Evgeniya, 37 years old

It is certainly worth talking to your husband, otherwise how else can you sort out the situation? To endure and be silent is not a way to cope with a problem, especially since there are many incomprehensible things. There are many questions, and they should be asked to my husband.

It will be better if you internally tune in to the conversation and start it when you are more or less calm

Not tired, not on edge, unable, when it already seems that "everything, it is impossible to endure further!" And you shouldn't appeal to your husband at the moment when he is in a hurry, or is busy with something, or is under stress. Otherwise, instead of clarifying the situation, everything may result in a quarrel and even greater confusion.

It is worth thinking about (maybe first talking to yourself) - what exactly do I want to find out? Does the husband have other relationships? If so, what does he think about your marriage? If the answer is disappointing for you, what will you do - file for divorce, or try to keep the family together, or put forward some conditions to your husband on which you will be ready to build your life together further?

Of course, it is important to take into account the emotional safety of children, not forgetting that you and your husband are first and foremost beloved parents for them

Very often, almost always, the injured party feels guilty and tries to find the reason why the partner has cheated, in himself. I do not advise you to delve into this, since the responsibility for cheating entirely lies with the one who cheats. It is necessary first of all to clarify the situation and figure out how to be you as a spouse.

15 years of marriage is a long time, by this time couples have a lot of common luggage: grown-up children, a well-established way of life, common memories, habits, the ability to feel each other and understand almost without words.

Cheating in a long-term relationship is almost always a signal that it is time to change something, reconsider, even if it seems that "everything is fine." But any change begins with an understanding of what is really happening

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