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5 Secrets Of Memorizing Information - Self-development
5 Secrets Of Memorizing Information - Self-development

Video: 5 Secrets Of Memorizing Information - Self-development

Video: 5 Secrets Of Memorizing Information - Self-development
Video: 11 Secrets to Memorize Things Quicker Than Others 2023, June

At times, memorizing information seems like a pointless exercise. It is much easier for each of us to "google" any of our questions and instantly get an answer. However, it happens that it is urgently necessary to remember something without prompting. Therefore, a good memory is still highly valued, and the question "How to quickly memorize the necessary information?" remains relevant

How to train your memory? There are five simple secret techniques to help you:

1. We remember meaningful material nine times faster

Think about what you want to learn before you start reading the text you need to remember. What is your personal or professional challenge now? How will specific information help you get things done?

Understanding the goal will tune your brain to be productive and you will read the text much more attentively. Memorizing just like that, without meaning, not only longer, but also more difficult. Nonsense requires great volitional efforts. The more strength we apply, the more we get tired, and the more we get tired, the lower the quality of memorization.

2. Learning as a whole is more effective than learning in parts

When you notice that you are distracted and have missed some fragment, in no case return to it to reread. Such "leaps" interfere with the holistic perception of the material. It is better to study the text to the end, and then re-read one or two more times in full in order to compose a complete structure of the material.

3. Repeat information immediately after memorizing / memorizing

It has been established that the main “forgetting” occurs in the first hour immediately following memorization - during this period we lose the largest amount of material - up to 60%. To keep the memorized information to the maximum extent, you should adhere to the repetition mode for the best memorization:

  • the first repetition - immediately after the end of the reading;
  • second repetition - 20 minutes after the first repetition;
  • the third repetition is 8 hours after the second;
  • the fourth repetition is 24 hours after the third.

4. As repetitions increase, the learning rate decreases

This is the case when quantity not only does not transform into quality, but also reduces its level. This means 15 reps per day will not be more effective than 8-10. Knowing that we have not one, not two, but a much larger number of attempts, we relax and get ready to show ourselves in all its glory next time. This is how we fall into the trap of repeated and meaningless repetitions.

5. Reading speed leads to better memorization

At the beginning and end of the text, we are enthusiastic and read quickly. In the middle, we start to get tired, the reading speed drops and space is freed up for extraneous thoughts: “Maybe have some tea”, “I promised to call a friend”, “What is going on in the cinema now?”.

The concentration of your attention decreases, which makes it difficult to remember information. The faster you read, the higher the concentration of attention and the level of understanding of information, which in turn leads to better memorization.

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