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"Excess Weight, Go Away!" Herself A Nutritionist - The Quality Of Life
"Excess Weight, Go Away!" Herself A Nutritionist - The Quality Of Life

Video: "Excess Weight, Go Away!" Herself A Nutritionist - The Quality Of Life

Video: "Excess Weight, Go Away!" Herself A Nutritionist - The Quality Of Life
Video: What a Registered Dietitian Can Do for You 2023, March

“I'm doing everything right, but the weight is worth it. I do not eat fatty meat, fried and spicy foods, in the morning - oatmeal in the water. But not a single extra kilogram goes away. Why? Help!" This was the request of my client who came in last November. I am telling you with her permission

Many of us started the fight with extra pounds on our own. Now there is a lot of information in free access for everyone: at home you can do yoga, gymnastics, dancing. There are detailed instructions, video tutorials. You can find any food system, choose one that is comfortable for you, there are even programs that calculate the menu and daily calorie content especially for you. But in the case of our heroine, the weight remained the same. We began to work with this situation.

Information is only a small part of the necessary resources for weight loss. The most important is the human resource - these are specialists and experts. Any, even the simplest exercise must be performed correctly. Then there will be an effect and a result. With competent guidance, you will not harm yourself, from accidental sprains to gastritis and depression.

Food is a vital human need. And it satisfies not only physiological needs, but also psychological ones. Therefore, carrying out various manipulations with the diet, you engage not only digestion, but also deep psychological mechanisms. When a baby is born, the first thing he receives is mother's milk! If in the first minutes of life a little man got access to his mother’s breast, he is not injured - “there is food, then there is a mother, then I am and will live”. Therefore, often our relationship with food is similar to our other relationships, in particular with our mother.

Professional help

Sometimes it is important to involve a psychologist in weight loss. My client herself is surprised: “I eat right, but the weight is big. How so? There is nothing to exclude, but I cannot lose weight! The daily calorie content of my diet is 1100 kcal! " She is a young woman, less than 35 years old. Overweight was not gained after childbirth or feeding, no children. The food required adjustments but was not as critical as the beer / chips / box of chocolates at lunch.

As a result of the work of specialists (nutritionist, trainer and endocrinologist), some difficulties emerged: in adjusting the diet, attending group classes, analyzes showed a high level of stress hormone. What to do about it? They began to work with this - to look for reasons, since “just laziness” is not always the root of problems.

As it turned out, the woman came to slim against the background of great life difficulties: a crisis period in a relationship, permanent stress at work. The background was a long-term difficult relationship with my mother. Most of all, I was alarmed by the fact that she went to trainings immediately after work, explaining this by the fact that otherwise it would be difficult to leave the house later. And the classes themselves were very difficult for her precisely because of the presence of a group of people. The simplest and most obvious decision was to change jobs.

Further, we found out why changes and communication are so difficult: against the background of constant stress and crisis, a depressive state began to develop, mental forces were depleted. Losing weight is also stressful, but positive. However, he no longer had the strength.

In this case, work with a psychologist is simply necessary - individual or group. To remove the main obstacle to being slim - depression and stress.

Just saying "come on, come on" doesn't work. Exercise does not charge, it depletes. It is difficult to change the diet: in the morning there is no appetite, the food caused nausea! With a reduced emotional background, a person only needs relief, relief from the severity of stress, gentle support, and only then “stronger, faster, higher”. Our meetings helped in this. And we considered other options for physical activity - where there are fewer people. But at the same time, do not go into isolation!

Support for ease

The trap of depression is to be at home alone. But this is not a path to recovery, but to an increase in the depressive state. It is important to be among people, not to be alone for a long time. The main thing is that the environment is comfortable: only those people with whom it is really bearable.

It is very effective when there is both a therapeutic group and personal meetings with a psychologist. After all, not all moments can be worked out deeply among unfamiliar people. But the advantage of group work is that people are a resource of energy, support, acceptance. In our first meetings, we discuss the importance of emotional attitude, motivation and drive. This is what you can get in group work. A charge of energy that will allow you to hold out in difficult times.

Our work on the weight loss program is over, and the changes in this woman's life are just beginning. And the weight began to go away only when she received a sufficient amount of support - from the coaches and from me.

When part of the mental burden is removed, the weight of the body also goes away. The brain and psyche own our entire body, control all processes. As soon as the brain is rebuilt, the body reacts next

My client felt better emotionally and physically. Seek professional help, learn to listen to yourself. People who are depressed also smile, go to work, and may seem quite ordinary and happy. Only a specialist will pay attention to the nuances and help you get out of a painful state. Latent / background depression is one of the causes of excess weight. But each case is different. There may be several reasons. Be careful and attentive to yourself!

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