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Three Types Of Games For Children Of Different Ages - Society
Three Types Of Games For Children Of Different Ages - Society

Video: Three Types Of Games For Children Of Different Ages - Society

Video: Three Types Of Games For Children Of Different Ages - Society
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Imagine a situation: a home celebration is planned for the coming weekend. Friends and relatives will gather, and they will come with whole families, that is, with children. Is harmonious interaction possible, when adults communicate calmly, and children are busy with something interesting and do not annoy dads and moms? For such an idyll to become a reality, you will have to think about organizing children in advance. And remember that the children's company will come together of different ages. We offer below three types of games for children of different ages

Playing is a win-win

Even if at the first moment older children reject the idea of playing with babies, do not give up. Such a refusal does not mean at all that the gameplay will not be able to captivate them (this is a common first reaction based on adolescent denial: the expression of their "adulthood", isolation from the "world of childhood").


Yes, this is an apartment. But this is not a hindrance to conditional sports games. The main thing is to choose games in which:

  • no comparison of strength and power is required,
  • you don't need a lot of free space,
  • children will be able to regulate without the help of adults.

There are such games. For example, children's entertainment "ring", which is "Go out on the porch." It is likely that after a few rounds the room will be so noisy and fun that there will be fewer people at the table, and the number of players will increase.

Slightly less popular is the game "Edible-inedible": it requires equipment (a small ball) and children already set for fun. The game "forfeits" ("What should the owner of this thing do?" Or, more simply: a package with names and a package with tasks). Let's not forget about the game "crocodile", which at one time was so popular that tournaments were held on it.


What comes to mind when you hear this phrase - "board games"? Chess, checkers, dominoes, loto? Well, this is already something! True, the first two are designed for two players, and dominoes are associated with a company of retirees, with the noise of knocking knuckles on the table.

But lotto - why not? A game that brings people of different ages together. And those children who are too young to play on their own at full strength can be united with someone older - a "mentor", someone who will lead their actions. You can also find on the Internet the popular names of the numbers on the barrels (for example, 11 - "drum sticks", 4 - "chair", etc.) and arrange a game of retroloto.

But! People who are more experienced in board games will rightly be amazed at our ignorance. After all, the world of games is diverse (or the industry is extremely developed). You just need to pay attention to the shelf with games in the store, and you will surely find something interesting for your family. We are now talking about ready-made games, they are attractive and convenient. They can be tactical / strategic, logical, abstract or social.

Three types of games for children of different ages 2
Three types of games for children of different ages 2

For a company of children, just the latter are suitable, because social games are aimed at strong interaction between its participants. For our situation, it is worth choosing the most understandable rules. That is, to comply with the condition: "The simpler the better"! These are absolutely baby balancer games: "cat on the wall", "penguins on an ice floe", "acrobat seal" - and not quite a childish "Jenga".

Games of different ages for attention, dexterity and reaction speed are suitable: "reel", "wild jungle", "mikado", "dobble" and many, many others. It can also be fun that improves communication skills: "alias" or "taboo", "activate".

In other words, with a little effort, the result can exceed expectations. And certainly not to deceive them.

For a small company

Perhaps we are talking only not about a huge horde of children, but only about two or three children of different ages? And it's not exactly a celebration, but just a weekend evening (or not so), and other adults are not expected. What games will help us out in this situation? The principle is the same: either choose a very simple board game and captivate an older child, or take a simple game of an older child and simplify its rules for all participants.

If older children have not yet reached adolescence, you can offer everyone role-playing games (store, hospital, etc.), involving the big ones to complicate the plot or prepare some kind of props. And finally, the "theater" game. True, the participation of adults here is very desirable!

You can prepare a performance: puppet theater, shadow theater, art theater or amateur performances: dance, song numbers, poetry reading. Or arrange a masquerade using all kinds of scarves, scarves, hats, which is so loved by most children of different ages. And many adults. After all, we are children too, only more restrained in our manifestations. And so it is helpful sometimes to give the inner child a little more freedom.

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