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Watching The Film "Guitar" With A Psychologist - Reviews, Self-development, Society
Watching The Film "Guitar" With A Psychologist - Reviews, Self-development, Society

Video: Watching The Film "Guitar" With A Psychologist - Reviews, Self-development, Society

Video: Watching The Film "Guitar" With A Psychologist - Reviews, Self-development, Society
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  • "Guitar". USA, 2008
  • Director: Amy Redford
  • Starring: Saffron Burroughs, Isaac De Bankole, Paz de la Huerta

Everyone has their own picture of life, their own melody of the soul. And if this melody is stepped on the throat, then the person loses the vitality and colors of life

Melody without melody

It is symbolic that the main character's name is Melody (English melody means "melody, melody"). The disease that she was diagnosed with is cancer of the larynx, and not some other part of the body. It is the larynx that includes the vocal apparatus. As a child, Melody spent a lot of time in a record store and asked her parents to buy her a guitar for Christmas. The parents' response was, "For Christmas, we won't indulge you!"

3 parenting scenarios

  • 1. To indulge all the desires of the child, without understanding and without trying to understand what he really needs and is useful. So-called caring is an inverted disregard for the true needs of the child. Rather, it is a way to calm the child down in any quick way that is convenient for the parent, without trying to find out the true reason for the child's behavior.
  • 2. Ignore most of the child's needs. Everything is clear here. Through this behavior of parents, the child learns from childhood that his needs are not important and that he himself is not important either.
  • 3. Hear the child, talk to him, try to understand his needs, discuss with him cases when his desires are impossible or harmful to satisfy. This is a healthy interaction. The value of his personality is transmitted to the child. If the child does not get what he wants, he will experience this painful experience with loving parents. It is this experience that will help a person move forward in the future, despite possible failures. They will not scare him, because deep inside him the understanding that he is loved will warm him.

To build something new, you have to destroy the old

Melody is fired from her job, and the man she was counting on to support leaves her. All doors to a past life have closed, making it impossible to take a step back.

Melody had a choice - to go into worries about herself or to live the remaining time the way she wants. The doctors said that she had a maximum of two months to live. At first she will lose her voice, then breathing problems begin.

Exploring the Extremes

Melody decides to rent a loft for this time, which she has long dreamed of, but could not afford. Until this moment, she lived ascetic, denied herself everything, supporting the parental scenario (her needs were not important). She didn't even have a cell phone. Melody thought it was "a waste of money." But since you can't take the money with you to the grave, Melody begins to squander. At some stage, it is even useful for people with such an attitude towards themselves and their needs.

We practically cannot reach the golden mean without exploring the other extreme. The girl finally began to enjoy life, from every bite of food, a sip of wine, sensual touch, breath. On the verge of death, you begin to understand how important such seemingly simple things are.

Our unconscious is very sensitive to us, as soon as we send him a request and leave room for a response. Being alone with yourself is sometimes a happy chance to rethink some things in your life. Melody starts dreaming about the guitar.

Finding Yourself as a Way to Heal

Melody bought a guitar, of course. And I spent days and nights with her. She was cleared of the diagnosis. She sold all the things she bought and moved out of the loft. She easily parted with things, leaving herself the most precious thing - a guitar. The husk has disappeared, the values remain. Sometimes a person needs to try for the sake of research and "husk" to understand that he does not need it.

When the doctors asked in surprise what she changed in her life, Melody replied: "I changed everything!"

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