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About The Dangers Of Positive Thinking - Self-development
About The Dangers Of Positive Thinking - Self-development

Video: About The Dangers Of Positive Thinking - Self-development

Video: About The Dangers Of Positive Thinking - Self-development
Video: The Toxic World of Self Help: Hustle Culture, Toxic Positivity, Addiction, and Fake Gurus. 2023, March

Being a positive person and thinking positively - it would seem, what could be more beautiful? Especially if all this happens within the framework of adequacy. However, today in the world of psychotherapy, the so-called positive directions flourish, which are broadcast by a huge number of specialists. Some of them have achieved great popularity in this field and have written many books on positive thinking. Why can positive thinking be dangerous?

If we think exclusively positively, for example, “all people are brothers, there is only good around, the sun is shining brightly, everything will be fine,” while any situation is turned inside out and is considered only from the positive side. We are waiting only for a positive result, we walk with a smile on our face when we meet negative. And gradually we are losing ground under our feet.

Constantly driving yourself into the framework of positive thinking, you will not get far - in any case, you will be disappointed. From a psychological point of view, people with positive thinking are adaptively extremely unstable

When you are in the mood for a positive, but negative happens or nothing happens, then it becomes difficult to rebuild and perceive the situation realistically, it becomes difficult to correctly respond to it. After all, you have already programmed yourself for success and positive emotions.

The most correct, comfortable thinking is realistic thinking: when we know that life is beautiful, but there is equally positive, negative, and something neutral in it, which we can also enjoy.

Any sane person understands that not all people are brothers, not everyone can open up and trust, not everyone needs to hold hands.

When we adequately perceive ourselves or our life, we can correctly respond to complex events and relationships. An adequate attitude to life helps us to quickly rebuild and adapt to certain situations

A realistic person understands that life is dual: it has its pluses and minuses, positive and negative sides, just like any person. Perceiving the world around you and yourself realistically, holistically, life is much easier. There is a large space for self-realization and building relationships with other people using filtering, which is necessary because we are not equally good and comfortable with all people.

Moreover, from a psychological point of view, it is important to experience not only positive emotions.

Negative is a kind of beacon that shows that something negative is happening to us at the moment. We don't like something, they hurt us, they don't like us, they don't reckon with us. Negative emotions are needed for self-defense

They help us survive and learn from our mistakes. Therefore, in no case should you drive negative emotions in relation to anything inside yourself, cover them with positive emotions, smile when you feel bad or hurt. You need to ask yourself the question: what is wrong? And solve the problem yourself or with the help of a psychologist.

A realistic attitude to the world provides for a balance between positive and negative, when we perceive the surrounding reality and ourselves adequately. We can rejoice in the good, sad because of the bad. A realistic attitude does not allow a person to slip into depression when something does not work out for him, and does not make him rejoice at something that actually does not exist.

Realism helps you assess your strengths and capabilities, know your worth, achieve success and correctly perceive failure.

Positive thinking forces a person to be in a world of illusion. But is it really possible to be really happy being in such a world? No, because happiness in such conditions is also an illusion

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