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Is There Healthy Jealousy? - Relations
Is There Healthy Jealousy? - Relations

Video: Is There Healthy Jealousy? - Relations

Video: Is There Healthy Jealousy? - Relations
Video: Is jealousy healthy in a relationship ? Is jealousy a TOXIC trait?! 2023, March

The jealous person is sure that his jealousy protects him from deception, although practice shows the exact opposite: the partner is so much hurt by baseless jealousy that she either abandons the jealous person, or decides to change, so that at least jealousy has a reason (so that it is not in vain to endure all this) … Accordingly, jealousy destroys relationships. Is there healthy jealousy?

Psychological reason

Jealousy occurs when a jealous person is internally (often unconsciously) sure that he is not worthy of his partner, that he is worse than her by some criterion important for him. And most importantly, he is confident that he will never be able to correct this situation - he will always be worse. And since inside he is sure that he is worse, then sooner or later the partner will understand this and leave him.

Is there a healthy self-doubt that destroys meaningful relationships? I think the majority will agree with me - it doesn't happen.

How to handle it?

There are four basic emotions in transactional analysis: anger, fear, pain / sadness, and joy. All other emotions are derived from these four basic ones.

Jealousy refers to the basic emotion of anger: it is anger at your partner because he feels worse than her around her.

Therefore, a jealous person needs, perhaps with the help of a specialist:

  • learn to express your anger in a socially acceptable way;
  • find that personality trait by which he considers himself worse than his partner, and help himself realize that he is not worse than her, he is simply different.

It is normal that a man and a woman in a pair are different, this does not make one of them better than the other.

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