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How To Start A New Life When You Are Over 40? - Self-development, Society
How To Start A New Life When You Are Over 40? - Self-development, Society

Video: How To Start A New Life When You Are Over 40? - Self-development, Society

Video: How To Start A New Life When You Are Over 40? - Self-development, Society
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We increasingly remember the expression "Balzac's age" when we mention Honore de Balzac. Today, the age range has shifted when compared with past centuries. Family psychologist, writer Olga Romaniv tells about what Balzac's age is today and whether it is possible to start living a new life at this age

In old times

"An elderly woman of 36 years old entered the room" - this phrase will be remembered by many when they mention the Balzac age. So he began to be called after the publication of the novel "The Thirty-Year-Old Woman". And thanks to Honore de Balzac himself, this age began to bear a common name. And in the distant 19th century, it was so - a woman for 30 years was considered elderly, she was the mother of a family, wise with life experience.


Since then, times have changed, and a woman after 40 years is still young, good-looking and full of vitality. Today a woman of Balzac's age - and now this is not a period from 30 to 40 years old, but older - is successful, active, active. She is ready to live and love. “At 40, life is just beginning. Now I know it for sure,”said the heroine of the film“Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”.

How to understand that you have crossed the bar of the Balzac age? If you began to think that you need to change something in life, are ready for new successes, to which the path of ups and downs leads, then you have come to your Balzac age. But don't let that upset you.

The Balzac age today is a transitional stage that allows you to reset your life and start everything from scratch

How to start a new life when you are over 40?

This is easy to do if you have a desire to change.

We change ourselves

The first thing to do is go to a large mirror in which you see yourself in full growth. What does your reflection tell you? You are a young, attractive woman who flourishes when she smiles. But you need to add some bright colors. Change your hairstyle and hair color. Long hair is pretty, but short haircuts will give you youthful flair and charm.

Pay attention to your wardrobe. It should have everything from sneakers to stiletto heels. You are a young woman with everything ahead of you, and when choosing an image, you must be ready at any time to change beyond recognition.

Know how to be different and reincarnate. Your physical attractiveness will help you see yourself as a young girl and not lose your real self

Get carried away

Do what you love. Your hobby is an occupation for yourself and your soul. Something will calm you down, something will set you in a positive mood and add naughty and mischief. Treat work as your favorite pastime - without pleasure and joy it will only bring you fatigue. Is this what you strive for in your new life?

Trying new

Don't be afraid of change. Start to discover new horizons for yourself and try what you thought about, but were afraid to try or did not see yourself in it. For example, if you want changes in your home environment - become your interior designer. And even if the changes will only occur in the form of rearranging furniture and two or three new accessories, this will be the first step for you.

If you have long wanted to go in for sports, do not put off until tomorrow. From this you will only benefit - a toned figure will delight you and those around you, and a positive mood and a charge of energy will help you live and create.

Dancing, psychology, painting, cooking, extreme sports - today you can try everything. The main thing is that in your new hobby you feel comfortable and harmonious

We travel

You are self-sufficient and not dependent on anyone, so why not take a mini trip on the weekend? And let it be just a walk in the park or a trip out of town, you can always come up with a reason and a romantic story for this. And during the long holidays and during the holidays, it's time to travel. So you broaden your horizons, meet new people and just enjoy life.

Meet and fall in love

Forget about age, it's time for you to build your personal life, if you haven't thought about it before. Do not hold back your emotions - get acquainted and fall in love. Today, biological boundaries have shifted, so it is quite possible to become a mother after forty.

You are open to love, just leave the past in the past, remember: you are starting a new life, which means that there is no room for previous mistakes in it. Meet at work, travel, hobby classes, exhibitions and opening days, at the gym, with friends, or while walking your dog.

Balzac's age is not a reason for despondency, but for pride. You are good-looking, full of energy, enjoy life, know how to love and give a good mood to loved ones, and use the experience of past years to your advantage

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