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How To Avoid Anxiety And Negative Emotions During The Holidays? - Society
How To Avoid Anxiety And Negative Emotions During The Holidays? - Society

Video: How To Avoid Anxiety And Negative Emotions During The Holidays? - Society

Video: How To Avoid Anxiety And Negative Emotions During The Holidays? - Society
Video: The Science of Emotions & Relationships | Huberman Lab Podcast #13 2023, April

New Year's Eve is perceived by us as a cozy, home holiday with faith in magic and a new bright future. But this good holiday also has a downside

The first question is where to get anxiety and negative emotions on such a day? It is noticed that on the eve of large-scale, long-awaited holidays, not only the activity of people increases, but also the level of anxiety. There is a sharp increase in the number of people in shops, in transport, on the street, there is a lot of bustle around - to have time for everything, find, buy gifts, make a menu for the New Year's table. All this makes us tense and does not allow us to relax.

Often on holidays we go out to visit, see relatives and, if the relationship is not very good, this is an additional reason for stress

How to behave at a party, how not to say too much? And just an emotionally tense atmosphere.

If a person's social circle is narrow, then on such family holidays, loneliness, the absence of cheerful companies and close circle is especially felt.

How to avoid anxiety and negative emotions during the holidays?

Buying gifts is an obligatory part of the celebration

If you take care of this in advance, you will not have to hustle in stores at the last moment, in the bustle of buying what is, and not what you would like. If you know your preferences for gifts in advance, you can gradually search for what you have planned, and before the New Year you will already have everything ready.

Thoughtful shopping and event plan

Just as with the search for gifts, if you draw up a menu in advance, find out what guests prefer, then on the eve of the holiday you will not need to waste time buying everything in a row. Planning a festive outfit can also be attributed to this item.

Nice company

Still, on a holiday you want bright and positive emotions, if possible, on holidays, communicate with people you like. This will reduce the likelihood of conflict and anxiety when communicating. If, nevertheless, someone appears in the environment with whom you are not very comfortable, maybe you should forget the old grievances? New Year's time contributes to this.

Adequate expectations

Many expect radical changes and magical transformation from this day. However, if you think objectively, you will not have to be disappointed that reality again did not coincide with the dream. Our expectations should coincide with reality, be combined with goals and capabilities, so that later we will experience the joy of achievements, and not disappointment from the unrealizable. Sometimes, when we are really looking forward to some event, all emotions go to the process of waiting itself. And when an event occurs, there is no longer the strength to rejoice, it is perceived through the prism of high expectations.

Commensurate goals

If our goal is correctly formulated and defined, there is a greater chance that it will be achieved, and therefore there will be no disappointments. A well-defined goal should be clearly articulated, do not forget to indicate the criteria by which you will know that you have achieved it. Define a specific time frame when you plan to achieve it.

How to effectively set a goal for the next year? Define the criteria by which you can measure the goal, and it is better to make such "measurements" throughout the year, and not just at the end. For example, after six months, you can track how close you are to your target. After assessing the situation, you will still have time to adjust the path or goal.


This is an important moment on New Year's Eve. We look at what we will come with in the new year, what to take with us, and what to leave in the past. A very important point is to celebrate your achievements and not devalue them. Thus, you get a positive charge and a positive attitude for the new period.

Good mood

Still, let's not forget that the holidays are more conducive to improving the mood than negative, much depends on us and our attitude for these holidays.

Take time for yourself, pamper yourself, remember all the pleasant moments of the year, reflect on your plans for the future. At this magical time, we ourselves can fulfill our desires

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