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Dismissal To Nowhere: A Sentence To Yourself Or A Breath Of Fresh Air? - Image, Society
Dismissal To Nowhere: A Sentence To Yourself Or A Breath Of Fresh Air? - Image, Society

Video: Dismissal To Nowhere: A Sentence To Yourself Or A Breath Of Fresh Air? - Image, Society

Video: Dismissal To Nowhere: A Sentence To Yourself Or A Breath Of Fresh Air? - Image, Society
Video: Waiting by Miles To Nowhere (Official Music Video) 2023, March

For the last fifteen minutes you have hypnotized the hands of the clock, trying to make them go faster with one force of thought. You count minutes and even seconds. And when they line up in a straight line between the numbers 12 and 6, you, grabbing your bag, finally leave the walls of the stuffy office. Feeling drunk from the coming two days of freedom, you feel a puppy's delight, and only one question comes to mind: "What is the highest happiness?" And each time the "program" invariably gives the same answer: "Friday, 18:00!" With this in mind, you've been striding every weekend for almost six months now

Since childhood, we are "brainwashed" with the need to study well, choose a promising profession and focus on professional growth. To this day, it is considered the key to a successful and happy life. If you have a good high-paying job, you will be happy!

If we separate the wheat from the chaff, then there is a sense in this: what else, if not doing what you love, organizes, motivates, inspires and pushes forward? To the life you dream of. This is so, but only if the business you are doing is really your favorite.

And if not? And if you literally "wipe your pants" at your workplace? Having fun with your eighth cup of coffee in a day, glancing furtively at your smartphone screen in anticipation of a new notification from Instagram. If you are no longer fascinated by what you are doing, and you feel that you have outgrown your workplace. Even the jokes of my colleagues, at whom I sincerely laughed yesterday, have even outgrown. But most importantly … you feel that interest in the profession itself has disappeared, and this is really scary, because there are no plans for what to do next. And here comes the eternal "Chernyshevskoe": "What to do?"

According to surveys by the Russian Internet recruiting company Head Hunter, most often about jobseekers' job changes, dissatisfaction with wages (more than 50%) and the lack of prospects for further growth - 46% - make them think

You shouldn't quit if …

The first solution, obvious and popular for many, is to follow the path of common sense and … stay. Reassure yourself that now is not the time: there is a "chronic" crisis outside the window, but the obligations are family, loans, apartment, car. Yes, and it is irrational, since future interests have not even been outlined yet. No, it's better to wait until at least these outlines are visible. And then the loans will be repaid, the children will grow up, and then it will be possible to think about the prospects for professional growth.

Such reflections visit the heads of most of the "overgrown". They are obvious and not groundless. But underneath them are nothing but … fears. This is the fear of being left without a livelihood, and the fear of the new, changes, and therefore the unknown, and the fear of starting all over again

Often it is the fears that are decisive when deciding to stay. And often it is time that acts as a "medicine" that helps the decision to mature, but more often - purposeful and conscious work with fears. It is important to understand here that if nature trumpeted about the need for drastic changes, then it is now unlikely that it will be possible to plunge it into a lethargic sleep. Putting to sleep for a couple of hours, postponing the decision of this issue - yes. But don't turn off forever.

If you are inclined to stay, then it can mean one thing: your time has not come yet. Until you are ready, which means that you should not sharply "cut from the shoulder". To avoid stress, and later not get bogged down in self-flagellation for not making up your mind, do the following:

  • Try to negotiate with yourself. Make a bet: give yourself, as a creditor, some more time to mature completely. To make the decision that will definitely change your life become sustained, conscious and desired.
  • Try to negotiate with the management and ask you to "move" within the company, which, by the way, can be a solution to the problem. What if they transfer you to a more interesting position, or even get promoted?
  • Drive on vacation if you feel unbearable. Change the environment, soak up the sun, disconnect from everything and come back with new strength, inner agreement with yourself and a good mood.
  • Find balance through some enjoyable activity. This will allow the negative emotions accumulated during the day to "drain" environmentally. Transform by filling their place with positive. Sign up for some fun evening activities. Or fitness. True, this option is more suitable for those who have the opportunity not to rush home after work.

And remember! On this path, everyone has their own time of readiness. And age is by no means a determining factor here. Everything comes on time to the one … who knows how to wait

It's time to find a new job if …

An alternative and much more expanding path is to quit “nowhere”. Sounds vague, but tempting. And often this is the only possible option for the further development of events.

It is worth quitting in situations where there is simply no strength to endure. When he has already "sat out" so much that the body gives up and psychosomatics turns on. But this path cannot be called easy either. He is able to raise a large number of doubts and fears from within

And it happens that, having already quit, you are not ready for that avalanche of feelings and inner experiences that you face after the fact. But nevertheless, this is the most that neither is a step towards oneself. Something that will bring you closer to your place in life. It will slightly open the door to where there is true pleasure, passion and a sense of fulfillment of one's destiny. And in order to step, you need to listen to your desires, to what the soul whispers, which already knows which way to go. Some people have been given to understand this without leaving the hateful walls of the office, but it is not uncommon when it is simply necessary to "withdraw" oneself from the usual annoying environment.

If the decision to quit in nowhere prevails, then it is better to help yourself to do it responsibly. So, to fully realize all the consequences that it entails, and be ready for this, namely:

  • the search for a new job or for oneself can be delayed, and you need to be prepared for this both morally and financially, especially if you have loans and other obligations;
  • there may be a feeling of lack of "ground under your feet", because you do not know how soon the situation will be resolved in the best way;
  • you will have to independently pay for the "bonuses" that the company provided you, or refuse them altogether;
  • the risk of a fall in self-esteem - it is not known how well your searches will go for you and how actively employers will "respond";
  • permanent doubts and uncertainty - to agree to what they give, or to look for another job of their dreams.

You quit. What to do next?

The most unexpected observation that can visit you after your dismissal is that we absolutely do not know how to do nothing. And for our ossified consciousness, following the norms of society with its many stereotypes, it is objectively difficult to devote time to internal searches of ourselves. So to get through a period of doing nothing without a lot of stress, start doing something right away. Yes, exactly at least something:

  • see what they offer in your area of interest;
  • what areas of activity exist in general and which of them might interest you;
  • go to a master class, which has been "responding" to you for a long time, but your legs still don't reach;
  • flip through career guidance tests;
  • call the same acquaintance with whom you discussed at your friend's birthday party six months ago the possibilities of your employment in her company, etc.

Take one small step a day. There is no need for huge steps at once, seven-league. The small step has a much better chance of success

What does dismissal to nowhere entail?

Getting rid of the daily dose of negativity and the opportunity to finally breathe deeply or obvious difficulties that you don't even think about at the time of dismissal? Everyone lives his own life and chooses the path that is most convenient for him. Someone can afford to leave work and arrange a rest for an indefinite period, while others, due to life circumstances, cannot even take a day off at their own expense.

Sometimes a few breaths of fresh air and simple attention to oneself are enough for the mosaic to begin to take shape. And sometimes it takes time to cleanse yourself of all that "good" that has been accumulating for months, or even years of restraining yourself.

Whichever path you choose, you will certainly need faith in yourself and your strength. Only with this, the traveler can set sail, being confident in the successful outcome of the event

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