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Homeschooling: Pros And Cons - Society
Homeschooling: Pros And Cons - Society

Video: Homeschooling: Pros And Cons - Society

Video: Homeschooling: Pros And Cons - Society
Video: Is Homeschooling Right For You? | Pros and Cons of Homeschooling? | Should I homeschool my child? 2023, March

During my long life, to say nothing, I have tried, probably, all possible forms and methods of education. This is a very special, as they would say now - an elite language school, and generally a non-pontovaya district school, in two shifts, 40 people per class, six classes in parallel, and a private lyceum, and home / family education, and external studies, and online and even studying with tutors. Somewhere I studied myself, somewhere I taught, three children also added experience, now clients are constantly telling and sharing

The main question for the modern school from angry or anxious parents: "Why should we devote so much time and energy to the school life of children?" It seems that all absolutely homework is set with the expectation that parents will help. Well, really, how can a second grader play PowerPoint Presentation on his own? And even print it.

Completely brutalized by the end of the first quarter from the daily morning scandals (the child cannot get up normally, traffic jams, the dog jumped dirty feet on his only jacket, hysterical in the elevator: “Ahhh, I forgot the craft made of manticore leaves and unicorn hair, they'll give me a deuce, ahhh! "), Tired of the nightly squabbles with homework, having lost and restored several pairs of shifts and having acquired an impressive clump of gray hair, parents unexpectedly discover that a child who is moderately ill and sitting at home with" residual manifestations of a cold "becomes cheerful, vigorous, positive, he is beautiful does homework during the day and in general everyone is happy.

“Lord,” thinks the average parent of two, “why do we need these galleys? How wonderful it is not to fly anywhere in the morning, not to swear over something forgotten and unfulfilled, to read together before going to bed about the unfortunate Muma, and on Sundays to go to the planetarium! We saw this school, only problems because of it."

And he transfers the child to home schooling.

And after three months, already completely exhausted with a yearning, idle, not a schoolboy walking on his head, he begins to look for another school.

So, we weigh the pros and cons so as not to succumb to momentary weakness or, conversely, not to miss the warning signs of your child's trouble, and to make a more or less conscious decision: whether or not to transfer to home schooling

The main reasons for who should be translated and when

The main reason for the emergence of the very idea of home schooling is the long recovery period after a serious illness. The child seems to feel good enough to read and write, but is too weak to, firstly, sit all day in the classroom, and secondly, his immunity has not yet recovered in order to fully protect against contact with many infections in the children's team.

“I was in the hospital all February and half of March, so my mother agreed that until the end of the year I would study at home. It was, without exaggeration, the happiest time of my childhood. In the morning everyone left for work and school, I was left alone with my grandmother. After several years of getting up at 6:45, leaving the house in the dark and cold, a long and nauseous road on public transport, after this madness of a noisy class and a screaming teacher - silence, peace, a soft testicle with a sandwich from grandmother's hands, and most importantly - you can read as much as you want! And no one will say a word to you!

I did my homework about two hours a week. Classmates brought the controls. I immediately became an excellent student: not because she cheated or helped her parents, no. It's just that no one interfered, did not yell in the ear, did not distract.

Out of boredom, I accidentally went through the whole program for next year. And in the morning you could walk in the park with a neighbor's dog. Happiness!"

Leah, 45 years old

This girl was very lucky, perhaps she got sick so seriously, because she was exhausted and in constant stress. Notice that she doesn't mention at all that she missed friends or activities.

It seems that in an unsafe and very uncomfortable environment, making friends is not very good. And a well-known fact: all creative processes stop when there is a threat to life, health, self-esteem, dignity

The opposite situation: a healthy, active, very social child, forced to stay at home for some unknown reason. The family is sitting on suitcases, or, on the contrary, has just moved, and the school will open in September, and before the old school, we’ll have seven miles of dog sledding. The family is in quarantine for some dangerous disease, the child himself is healthy, but school is prohibited. A foreign country, a foreign language, but we are here temporarily, in six months dad will receive a new appointment, do not start learning, say, Hebrew, which, except Israel, will not be useful anywhere else?

Come on, without any Israel, the situation is with friends: my father was under investigation in an economic case, is hiding abroad, the family is not allowed to leave, there is no registration, there is no money for a private school either. And two sit, one 10, the other 12, with their free two European languages all day in a hut on chicken legs, in an embrace with a prefix. The boy is still nothing, he is very attached to his mother, the lack of company almost does not bother him, but the teenage girl who was pulled out of the community of her beloved friends, teachers, classes, suffers greatly.

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