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A Holiday With Benefit. How New Year Can Help Solve Children's Problems - Society
A Holiday With Benefit. How New Year Can Help Solve Children's Problems - Society

Video: A Holiday With Benefit. How New Year Can Help Solve Children's Problems - Society

Video: A Holiday With Benefit. How New Year Can Help Solve Children's Problems - Society
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Does a child need faith in Santa Claus? Many of us find inspiration in the pre-New Year's bustle, an additional source of energy and light, which we lack so much on long winter evenings. Let's talk about how you can use the holiday to benefit the whole family

Home decoration, selection and creation of gifts for your loved ones, performances in kindergarten, school, theaters and concert halls. Numerous winter stories filled with wonderful heroes who overcome all obstacles, including their own shortcomings.

Heroes who can help others, take risks for others, and forgive those who behaved differently. Belief in a fairy tale brings the hope that goodness will certainly win into a child's life full of changes, difficult tasks and unpleasant restrictions.

Magic word

A fairy tale is not just a story, it is a whole therapeutic method in the hands of a psychologist and a parent. Our ancient ancestors were sure that fairy tale therapy shows good results. Of course, there were no such terms at that time, but the stories that were passed from mouth to mouth carried an educational, educational and healing character. After all, you can put any meaning here.

New Year is the best time for good fairy tales. Read to your child at night. Compose your own stories

Think about what your baby is missing the most at the moment. Is your daughter unsure of herself? Tell her how the little coward bunny became brave and strong, how, thanks to kindness and ingenuity, he returned the stolen bag with Santa Claus's gifts.

Is the son afraid of something non-existent? Write a story about how Grandfather helped to defeat the "terrible beast" by giving him a kind heart. You can think of the same thing about diligent study, about helping around the house, about friendship between two brothers, etc. If you are not inclined to write, use ready-made fairy tales, slightly altering the script for New Year's mood.

Gingerbread, but not a whip

Everyone knows that Santa Claus is especially kind and attentive to those who behave well, study diligently and help their parents. This can serve as additional motivation for learning and exemplary behavior. An ordinary writing lesson may seem boring to some, but everyone wants to write a letter to distant Lapland. It is much more fun to learn poetry, songs and dances, knowing that a good magician will see them.

The main thing to remember is that the incentive should not turn into blackmail. In no case should you frighten the child that Santa Claus will punish, enchant, take all the toys and simply will not bring anything under the tree. Otherwise, you risk the appearance of nightmares, increased anxiety and fear of a red coat and gray beard

A completely different thing is the thought that Grandpa watches all good deeds all year, which stimulates the child to do good deeds. So the understanding comes that when you want something, you must make an effort.

Precious time

Modern parents work very hard, and they often spend their free time with their children at their lessons. This is always a stressful situation, which is usually accompanied by tears and reproaches, rather than smiles and hugs. Interaction with parents, colored exclusively by positive emotions, is very little for a child.

New Year brings us a reason for joint creativity. Postcards, homemade gifts, age-appropriate for your baby are what will bring you closer together

The Internet is a treasure trove of ideas for New Year's crafts for any age category. Allocate half an hour every day to create some small masterpiece with joint efforts, and after a couple of days you will see that the atmosphere in the family has become much more pleasant. Dads, mothers, adult sisters and brothers, grandmothers and grandfathers - let all household members get involved in the work.

Envelope with wishes

A letter to Grandfather is a separate topic for conversation. So much can be invested in this well-known tradition! First, we get the opportunity to find out about the desired gift and, in general, about the wishes of the child. Secondly, you can ask not only about the gift, but also about his dreams, which are not related to something material. Win a competition, learn to play the guitar, go on an extraordinary journey … You will learn a lot.

Talk with your child about ways to make their dreams come true. Offer to make a plan of action. Help from a long list of "Wishlist" to choose the best. Can you find a more fun way to learn how to correctly formulate your desires and outline a plan for their implementation?

Pay particular attention to requests related to family relationships. This is an important sign not to be missed. There are also openly aggressive desires that can frighten parents. Do not take them with hostility. Try to figure out why he needs a "powerful bomb" and discuss how you can solve the problem without it

If your child is not yet able to write, use modern technology. Shoot a video with the baby's wishes and "send" to Grandfather via Skype. A good wizard cannot stay away from progress!

Annual report

Make up your own letter to Santa Claus with a report on the child's good deeds, on his achievements for the year. Be sure to read it out loud. Ask if you missed something. Make additions if necessary. Let him understand, appreciate how much has happened, what a fine fellow he is. This list will strengthen your child's self-esteem and help you shift the focus from the flaws to the positive. Agree that every parent is pleased to follow the success of their baby.

With the first signs of winter, the anticipation of the holiday begins. And it grows with the appearance of glowing garlands in shop windows, snowflakes on the windows, an elegant Christmas tree and a festive table. This magic, familiar from childhood, remains with us for life. And in the soul there is a glimmer of hope for a miracle, which helps both children and adults to cope with the most difficult problems and tasks.

Holiday greetings!