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Should You Reduce Your Age On Your Resume? - Image
Should You Reduce Your Age On Your Resume? - Image

Video: Should You Reduce Your Age On Your Resume? - Image

Video: Should You Reduce Your Age On Your Resume? - Image
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How to present yourself in a resume and truthfully and profitably?

Do not focus on age, you can even omit it. But be sure to talk about what you want from the new position, how it interests you, and what benefit you can bring to the company. Communicate politely, demonstrate ease of communication and professional competence.

Yes, you can omit the age in your resume. But the trained eye of HR will still figure it out. The optimal solution - and, by the way, quite acceptable for many personnel officers - is to indicate not the age, but the year of birth

True, on some job search sites, a graph with age is required. Then it makes sense to focus on a bright cover letter. Job seekers often underestimate it, but experienced recruiters always read it. This means that there is a good chance of not only distracting the recruiter, but also captivating him with his candidacy.

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In a couple of sentences, write down which of your skills and personal qualities can be useful for the company. "Hook" with a bright phrase or your motto in life, so that you stand out from the crowd. By the way, you can attach a photo to your resume, in which you look a little younger.

In general, a well-written resume, with an emphasis on experience and acquired skills, set out taking into account the requirements of a particular vacancy, can distract HR from the numbers in it. If the level of your competence suits the employer, then in 95% of cases they will not look at age.

Remember self-worth. What they think about you is not what is indicated on the resume, but what you think of yourself. There are those who are in demand even in retirement, and there are those who are looking for work in their 30s

And if after all … yes?

As you can see, even without embellishment, a resume can be made effective and efficient. But if, nevertheless, you decide to hide your age, then, alas, there is no single instruction on how to do this as environmentally friendly as possible. And the best thing is to listen to yourself and be guided by the situation.

Be proactive. Be open about your age at the interview: “I want to honestly admit that I changed my age. It was important for me to get to you, because I was very interested in this vacancy and I see no other reason not to work for you. "

In one short phrase, you will "kill three birds with one stone":

  • act honestly so that your employer will not go unnoticed;
  • make it clear that you want to get a job in this particular company;
  • defuse the situation by saying the last part of the phrase with a smile.

How to find a job after 45?

  1. At any age, keep learning, improve your qualifications, learn new technologies.
  2. Keep your health in good shape and look after your appearance.
  3. Develop flexibility. Be prepared to change your strategy as you search. Reduce your requirements, salary ambitions, and sometimes your position.
  4. Learn to sell yourself, but first deeply realize your value.
  5. And one more practical tip: don't be afraid of companies at the startup level. It is there that most often experienced employees are needed who will create and launch the entire system, and young people will be recruited after that so that there is someone to “bomb” potential customers with “cold” calls.

If your competence is high, it is very likely that you will be accepted, regardless of age

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