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Finish What You Started. How To Get Things Done - Reviews, Self-development
Finish What You Started. How To Get Things Done - Reviews, Self-development

Video: Finish What You Started. How To Get Things Done - Reviews, Self-development

Video: Finish What You Started. How To Get Things Done - Reviews, Self-development
Video: 5 Things to Do When You Have Too Many Ideas and Never Finish Anything 2023, March
  • Eicaff J.
  • Finish what you started. How to get things done
  • M.: Bombora, 2018

In the new book, the author declares war on perfectionism. Today more and more people convince themselves of the existence of an ideal and strive to attain it by all means, making a lot of problems. John Eicaff convincingly proves that going forward through "I don't want" is fraught with negative consequences. You can start, as well as finish, a new business without violence against yourself - fun and with inspiration

Overcome ghostly fear

According to statistics, out of a hundred people who started moving towards the goal, only eight reach the finish line. Most people quit early.

92% of New Year's promises are not fulfilled, although in the beginning people are full of hope and enthusiasm. Why is this happening?

Imperfection manifests itself quickly, and as soon as we notice it, we give up what we started, experiencing a ghostly fear that we will not be able to do everything perfectly.

This is the real trap of perfectionism!

Perfectionism is a psychological state, the belief that an ideal exists and can be achieved

Therefore, the day when something starts to go wrong is infinitely important. It is this day that separates the losers from the winners.

Important! You can stumble at the start, but that's okay. Nothing will happen - just move on. If something went wrong, you can repeat everything from the beginning tomorrow

Avoid planning mistakes

It would be nice to cut your goals in half at the beginning, learn how to enjoy your work and understand which actions should be put at the top of the list and which ones should be deleted immediately.

Psychologist Daniel Kahneman calls setting absurd and impossible tasks a "planning mistake." He describes this phenomenon as a phenomenon associated with over-optimism and underestimation of the time required to complete tasks

Decide for yourself in which case you will share the goal to achieve the result, and in which you will allocate more time.

You just have to admit to yourself that you do not have the strength for everything. Deliberately move or put aside some things for a while.

The red signal can be easily turned on for familiar things - social networks, TV, gatherings with friends

Guide to action at the beginning of the path

  • 1st STEP. Make a list of three things you can give up for a while while you are on your way.
  • 2nd STEP. Find a way to make it easier to do things that you cannot refuse.
  • 3rd STEP. Write down the names of three buddies you pause with on the sheet.

Add fun moments to work

Dreams that bring pleasure come true!

It is important that there is satisfaction and efficiency in working on a project midway through. And fun helps bring them together

What can you do to make your goal more fun?

Rate on a scale of 1 to 10 how much fun reaching your goal will bring, find out what motivates you. The motivation for success can be a reward for achieving a goal. But there is also fear motivation, when people seek to avoid condemnation of something or someone. Many of us are just trying to prove to our relatives, colleagues that we have become successful and achieved heights in our business.

A guide to action in the middle of the road

  • 1st STEP. Try to eliminate any distractions in time.
  • 2nd STEP. Get rid of the unspoken rules imposed by others.
  • 3rd STEP. As you move towards your goal, ask yourself from time to time, "What is my goal?"
  • 4-th STEP. Never assume that you have to deal with everything alone. Don't let perfectionism isolate you from society.

Important! In the process of implementing a project, you can always adjust the goals, time period, actions. Think about what you personally would like to change

Sometimes, in order to cross the middle of the path and confidently head to the finish line, you need to change your own perception and learn to realistically assess your achievements.

Do not pass on the eve of victory

Finish what you started. Nothing beats the importance of completing a case.

Closer to the finish line, you will again remember the ideals imposed by perfectionism, but you are already on the other side of the street and, undoubtedly, know how to appreciate what you have achieved.

The simplest example is fighting overweight, most give up almost without a fight for one reason - they do not know how to analyze the facts.

Important! You can measure your progress in the following parameters: weight loss, centimeters at the waist, number of digits on the scales, clothing size, avoiding junk food and fast food, friendship with sports. The facts tell us the truth. They must be taken into account and confidently go to the finish line

Never give up on the eve of victory, do not be tempted by other desires. Do not give up. You've done too much to quit.

Guide to action before the finish

  • 1. Determine which of the fears about the finish you are most susceptible to (if any) and find ways to cope with it.
  • 2. Write down the name of a friend who will help you overcome the difficulties at the finish line.
  • 3. Answer the direct question: "What is the benefit of losing?"
  • 4. Recall all the benefits of completing a project.

Getting started is fun, but better yet, being a winner. Are you ready to become one? Then go for it

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