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How To Get Intimacy Back? - Relationship, Sex
How To Get Intimacy Back? - Relationship, Sex

Video: How To Get Intimacy Back? - Relationship, Sex

Video: How To Get Intimacy Back? - Relationship, Sex
Video: How To Revive Sex & Intimacy In A Marriage (Get That Spark Back!) 2023, April

Bringing intimacy back into a relationship is a serious topic. Sexual desires are directly related to our libido, and it can change over time. When is it still possible to regain the former closeness, and when is it not worth trying? We offer to test effective psychological techniques

You won't be able to get closer if …

1. You used to want a relationship with this person, but now, after a certain amount of time, he no longer excites you, even his smell irritates you.

It is impossible to return intimacy to such a relationship, because they have already exhausted themselves. Libido is a thing that is often beyond our control

2. The second situation, when the relationship comes to a standstill and regaining its former passion, alas, will not work, these are some tragic circumstances that one or both partners had to endure, including betrayal, treason, etc.

Circumstances arise between once close people, and they actually become strangers

Situations when the libido is just beginning to fade, the activity of one or both partners decreases, and passion disappears from the relationship. But at the same time, the connection between the spouses remains friendly and relatively close.

A dying physiological flame can be rekindled using techniques that psychologists often use

Technique # 1. Verbal Method

Focus on the phrases that will take you and your partner back in time. Include in your speech memories of those moments when you were really close, you felt good.

For example, you come to a forest or a park, take your spouse by the arm and say: “Do you remember how we walked in the same way many years ago (you name the exact moment). It was a quiet evening, foliage rustled under my feet, you hugged me and told me this and that …"

Thus, you return him and yourself to the situation when everything was fine between you. This should be done calmly and without strain, naturally incorporating such memories into your daily life

By your actions, you are reminded of situations related to sexual desire. In order for the memories to be as strong as possible, try to remember what music sounded at a certain moment, songs that you both liked. Try to fully immerse yourself in the context of that time.

Besides your words, music, you can add smells. For example, buy a perfume that you once used. Those that your husband gave you.

Your main task is to recreate situations and refer to memories of past days

Technique number 2. Tactile method

When the intimacy goes out, all our tactile sensations disappear, touch disappears, there is no desire to even touch a loved one.

As soon as tactility disappears from a relationship, people from close ones gradually turn into strangers

If you want to bring intimacy back into a relationship, start with the most important thing: with touching, stroking, then moving on to hugs and light kisses.

Tactile moments are very important. Without this, you cannot bring real closeness back into the relationship. All your inclinations for sex without tactility will look ridiculous and alien.

But remember that it is better to get closer gradually, not to rush, not to chase a quick result, not to force events.

If you do everything naturally, calmly, with a share of feminine charm and, most importantly, sincerely, then intimacy will return to the relationship

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