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Laureates Of The For The Benefit Of Peace Prize Awarded - Partner News
Laureates Of The For The Benefit Of Peace Prize Awarded - Partner News

Video: Laureates Of The For The Benefit Of Peace Prize Awarded - Partner News

Video: Laureates Of The For The Benefit Of Peace Prize Awarded - Partner News
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On December 8, at the Mir cinema and concert hall in Moscow, a solemn ceremony of awarding the laureates of the All-Russian National Prize for Kindness in Art “For the Benefit of the World” took place

For the Good of Peace is the Art Kindness Award, a charitable project aimed at improving the culture and spiritual atmosphere in society. This Prize is awarded in 12 nominations based on the results of the audience vote on the Prize portal to authors of works of art whose works are aimed at the physical and spiritual improvement of society.

The award is truly popular, since both the authors and creative teams themselves, and anyone interested, are nominated for the competition and vote for the works. The prize fund is formed with the participation of the spectators themselves

The idea of creating the Prize belongs to Alexander Usanin and Valentina Tolkunova, who conceived it back in the early 2000s, but it has come true only now. Valentina Vasilievna's brother, Sergei Tolkunov, was present at the award ceremony for the 2018 Prize laureates. Today this project is being implemented by the Svetly Mir charitable foundation with the active personal participation of the Vice-President of the Fund, Alexander Usanin. It was his faith in kindness that gave the For the Peace Prize the right to life.

Now the Prize is supported by many well-known figures of culture, art and society. The Director of the Ceremony was the Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, actor, director Arkady Mikhailovich Svetlov, a man who at one time was the director of the 1980 Olympics.

A distinctive feature of the For the Benefit of Peace Prize is that all works are evaluated according to the level of professionalism and morality

On December 8, the winners in 12 nominations and the winner of the Grand Prix were honored. The award was presented by well-known cultural figures. The evening was hosted by actress, member of the expert council of the Prize, Inna Gomez and poet, musician Stas More. The award unites the entire Russian-speaking world - works from Kazakhstan, Canada, Iran, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries were presented.

From December 9, 2018 on the portal a new competition of the Prize for Kindness in Art "For the Good of the World" 2019 has been opened. The works that were published in 2018-2019 are accepted for the competition. The main criterion is that these works should make the inner world of people better. We invite all authors, as well as connoisseurs of creativity and art to take an active part in the Prize. Together we will make this world a better place!

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