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Thinking Is Hard Work - Self-development
Thinking Is Hard Work - Self-development

Video: Thinking Is Hard Work - Self-development

Video: Thinking Is Hard Work - Self-development
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Surely everyone has an example of a quick-witted person who stubbornly adheres to certain irrational beliefs. For example, a person for some unknown reason believes that he "should" do something. Or he is angry with people whom he personally does not even know. Or every time he is terribly afraid of any changes. It is very difficult to understand how the brain of such a person works, even if it is yourself. Perhaps I can help you figure it out a little better. Thinking is hard work

Thinking is hard work, but don't let someone else do it for you

Since childhood, we have been looking for and relying on rules and patterns that will help navigate the world. Now it's time to wake up, get dressed, go to work, return home, have dinner, and so on. Once the rule is found, we no longer have to think. We just follow it. And life becomes calm, safe and understandable.

However, as soon as the established order breaks down (for example, you lose your job), you immediately have to think about a whole lot of things. "What should I do now? And How? Who do you need to talk to? " So many, go figure it out!

It is at such moments that you can feel how exhausting thinking is, how exhausting it is. Some are seized by indignation and even anger: "As much as possible, I do not intend to endure this anymore!" Someone sighs in resignation: "Changes, changes, how I want to return my old life back."

Of course, you want to solve your problem as soon as possible, you want predictability. A little order in the chaos around you. And you're looking for a new set of rules to take back control of your life, your world, without the constant need to calculate, evaluate, analyze, study, get confused, and study again. It's so exhausting to think constantly.

The man came up with many ways to simplify his life, so as not to suffer from constant reflections. Here are the most common ones:

  • Anesthesia

    You can, for example, run away from thoughts by deafening yourself. Using alcohol, illegal drugs, video games, constant sleep or partying.

  • A ready answer

    You find a rational explanation that is outside your area of responsibility. This answer helps to set aside doubts by appointing a scapegoat. If you lose your job, you can, for example, direct your anger towards “migrants who have taken all jobs”, or speculate about discrimination based on gender or age, or… (substitute your own option).

  • Religion

    You can hit religion. And fanatically follow all the precepts and rituals. There are definitely ready answers to all questions.

  • Dualism

    It's simple - good guys versus bad guys. You are, of course, one of the good, but others are demonized. After all, the black and white world is much more understandable and predictable.

  • Behind a Leader A

    leader is a person who is so confident in himself and in his thoughts that he will think for you as well. It is enough just to follow him.

Simple solutions seem like a good way out. When you choose one of these methods, you immediately feel relief, relief from worries, insecurity, insecurity. You no longer need to puzzle over how to navigate in this complex world. But what is the price? As a result, you simply lose the skill to think.

“You can't catch a fish from a pond without labor” - it would be good to remember this proverb not only in physical training, but in the work of the spirit. You just need to learn to endure fear, insecurity, anxiety, vulnerability, and be able to cope with these feelings. Use your brain - think, reflect, separate fact from fantasy.

The real world presents us with complex tasks, there can be no simple answers to them. Even if we so want to get them. It is tempting to rely on rescuers.

But when we demand that someone save us, we open ourselves up to demagogues who will be happy to provide us with short-term solutions without considering the long-term consequences. Most importantly, when we rely on rescuers, we miss the opportunity to gain invaluable experience and grow as individuals by managing our anxieties and vulnerabilities.

So if you get tired of thinking sometimes, take a break. Relax. Do something simple. But do not delegate the power to control your thoughts and your life to others who seduce you with simple magical solutions. Instead, be a little more patient with uncertainty as you find your own rules for living in new circumstances.

"Thinking is hard work, which is why you don't see many people doing it."

By Sue Grafton

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