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Eternal Companions: Creativity And Personality Disorders - Reviews
Eternal Companions: Creativity And Personality Disorders - Reviews

Video: Eternal Companions: Creativity And Personality Disorders - Reviews

Video: Eternal Companions: Creativity And Personality Disorders - Reviews
Video: Review of Kernberg's main ideas regarding Personality Organization, Personality Disorders... 2023, April
  • Eternal Companions: Creativity and Personality Disorders
  • Authors: Alexander Shuvalov, Oleg Buzik
  • Publisher: Institute for Counseling and System Solutions, All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League, 2018.

The fourth book by Alexander Shuvalov and Oleg Buzik from the series "Eternal Companions" is able to interest various readers. It affects a rather unusual psychologically group of people who were previously called psychopaths. And if these people are also geniuses, or at least talents? It gets even more fun …

Play not by the rules

It is believed that psychopathic personalities are 1–2% of the population. Is there any evolutionary and anthropological meaning in this?

Maybe. These people have a need to stand out from the crowd, to play by their own rules. And this fearless minority has evolved within our society.

Among psychiatrists, a largely correct statement is known: “All the most beautiful things in the world are created by narcissists. The most interesting is schizoids. The kindest is depressive. The impossible is a psychopath. "

Indeed, some mental disorders have, however paradoxical it may sound, their own "advantages."

A depressive state of mild and moderate severity helps a person to think about the moral and moral-ethical aspects of being.

A psychopathic personality, on the contrary, may not feel emotions even in the most difficult circumstances, which may also have its advantages.

Psychopaths have a curious trait: their masterly ability to impersonate ordinary people. However, behind this cruel and often attractive mask, the cold heart of a "ruthless predator" beats

There are plenty of similar confirmations in life.

What's worse than simplicity?

The authors of the book also touch on the topic of gambling addiction.

Why is gambling so widespread? This is due not only to the desire of players to "experience happiness", with an emotional surge of adrenaline, but also with the simplicity of the game. Most of these games do not require any special skills

But the acquired gaming experience does not disappear as easily as the game ends. This is one of the main laws that apply to gambling.

A person comes up with a game, but the game, in turn, transforms a person, and gambling often turns a healthy person into a pathological one.

Creativity & personality disorders

The main feature of the book is an interesting and still controversial phenomenon - the pathography of genius people

The authors of the book study the relationship between creativity (to which they rightly include political activity) and mental disorders. At the same time, original statistical findings are presented in the first and second chapters.

Fifteen pathographic articles on people of genius are traditionally placed in the second part of the book. The authors invite us to find out interesting facts about the personalities and work of geniuses from various fields.

You might be surprised, but even with this approach, states and politicians prevail among psychopathic personalities. Why it happens? Look for the answer in the book.

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