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The Sex In Cinema Project: Sexologist About Eva - Relationships, Reviews, Sex
The Sex In Cinema Project: Sexologist About Eva - Relationships, Reviews, Sex

Video: The Sex In Cinema Project: Sexologist About Eva - Relationships, Reviews, Sex

Video: The Sex In Cinema Project: Sexologist About Eva - Relationships, Reviews, Sex
Video: «Секс для всех». Люди с инвалидностью тоже делают это | ТОК 2023, March
  • Eva, 2018
  • Director: Benoit Jacot
  • Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Gaspard Ulliel, Julia Roy

This film is based on the novel by the famous writer James Hadley Chase.

The protagonist Bertrand is a successful, handsome, ambitious, promising young playwright. He is arrogant, cold, withdrawn, a soulless animal in the body of a handsome man. It is quite suitable for describing a sadist. In the eyes of the public, he is successful and original - the play received good reviews from critics, the audience was delighted. But no one realizes that Bertrand stole this work

From the movie:

- You know, I was once very successful.

- Yes, I know, I know. You said that a hundred times.

Bertrand has a fiancee, Caroline, who truly loves him, but even she does not know about the mystery of the play's appearance.

By the will of circumstances, Bertrand meets Eve, a professional prostitute. This acquaintance becomes fatal for him and changes his whole life. Bertrand is irresistibly drawn to Eve, he tries to win her trust and love. At the end of the film, the viewer will find out whether he will succeed and what the friendship with a prostitute will lead to.

- Yesterday I was expecting you at the theater.

- True? I didn't promise you anything. In any case, I could not …

- Why?

- Why, why, why, you are like a child. Georges arrived unexpectedly.

- Ah, Georges …

- Well yes. He had a plane to Singapore. He's like a draft, but that's fine with me. Well, i need to go. I need to work. Until.

The two women in Bertrand's life are Eve and Carolyn, two opposites. Carolyn is an open, sincere, honest, selfless, girl from a respectable family. And Eve is a femme fatale, destroying, devastating, lying, dissolute to the bone.

- How do you like me in these? (She tries on glasses.) Looks like she's convinced. What do we do? Let's eat? Everything is fine?

- Yes Yes.

It would seem that the choice is obvious, but Bertrand's libido chooses Eve. This dangerous woman has something incredibly attractive to him. And he, like a butterfly on fire, hurries into the arms of Eve. He is ready to serve her, be a friend, take care of her, but Eve does not need this. She indifferently accepts his advances and "wipes her feet on him." Eve's coldness provokes Bertrand, like a predator arouses the resistance of the victim. By trying to bond with a girl, a man destroys his life, career and relationship with the bride.

“Parole” is an interesting name.

- Just the name?

“Lord, I didn't mean anything bad.

- I confess that I don't really like pure comedy.

- Henri loves Chekhov.

- Do you already know that your "Cherry Orchard" is being sold for debts?

- By the way, we talked about marriage. When, in June?

- I'm not against.

In this love triangle, each of the characters has a role to play. Carolyn is a typical victim who accepts Bertrand's rules of the game. Bertrand plays a dominant role in relations with her. He decides, the last word always remains with him, he generously allows Carolyn to be there. Bertrand himself is a two-faced, split-headed man who desperately needs confirmation of his superiority. After all, he received a high social status by deception.

Eve is a convenient victim to satisfy his ambitions. But to his surprise, it is with her that he fails. She does not accept his rules, she herself is used to dominating and setting them. Attempts to tame her lead nowhere. This also happens in life: if you are used to dominating, there will definitely be someone who will beat you up. But Bertrand's craving for Eve is an overwhelming affect, a strong, emotionally rich idea that subdues a man's behavior. A tragic denouement is inevitable.

The film "Eve" is an illustration of the complex of the Madonna and the Harlot. This splitting, when inside a man there are two parts that fight with each other - one feels love for the pure Madonna, and the second is dominated by sexual attraction to the seductive Whore. A phenomenon common in medical sexology. A man chooses a respectable woman as his wife, sincerely admiring her, but in bed he suffers a fiasco: his libido reacts to a different type of woman.

The splitting of the attraction of such a man occurs as a result of the blocking of his early sexuality by the mother. The boy's mother, using strict educational regulations, creates for a man the ideal of an innocent woman - Madonna. And the little man is ready to give up his sexuality for the sake of his mother, in order to earn her approval and love

The relationship with the mother is projected onto the woman - Madonna, which is why attraction to her is blocked. They don't sleep with Madonna, she is not for carnal pleasures. She can be admired from afar, have children together, lead a comfortable life. But to have sex with the Whore, everything is possible with her, everything is easier with her. Here the projection of the image of the mother does not work.

This splitting is usually not recognized by the man. He may genuinely not understand why he cannot have sex with his wife. In severe cases, such men in a situation of intimacy with their wife do not have an erection and they have to resort to the help of pills. Whereas with easily accessible women there is no sexual dysfunction. Men with the Madonna and Harlot complex often practice promiscuity - promiscuous sex with different women. They do not form human relationships with their mistresses, for this they have a wife. On the side, they only have sex. And after intrigues they always return to their wife, their second "mother". They will never leave her, because you cannot leave your mother.

- If I don't write the play, I'll have to return the money.

- Do not worry.

- And what can I do without money?

- Wait for them to appear.

- And how to live?

- With me.

- I can't do that.

- Then work.

- I can't write here.

- Go to my parents in the mountains. You will have your own house, I will come on weekends.

- Not bad idea.

- I'll call Madame Jarmen, she will buy everything.

- I have to write a lot.

- Nobody will do it for you.

Sometimes in a relationship with his wife there are "glimpses" - rare sexual acts. The mother's projection is fixed by the women themselves. With her super-caring, feminine, acceptance and endless patience. In addition, such a man will remain married to such a woman, if not forever, then for a long time - where else can one find such a comfortable and understanding wife. A wife who will forgive betrayal, turn a blind eye, accept a man as he is, with all his weaknesses, love him, and so on.

It turns out a vicious circle - "I will not leave my wife, but I will cheat on her." If, nevertheless, the marriage ends, then in a new relationship this man will find himself the same Madonna and the scenario will be repeated from the beginning

Is there a way out of this repetitive situation? There is. But for this, a man needs to realize that something is wrong with him. Recognizing your problem will be the first step in solving it. However, not all so simple. Of course, the reason for split sexuality is psychological. But in order to combine the split parts of a man into a single mature Husband, it will take more than one consultation of a psychotherapist. This is a deep, sometimes painful work that will bring results at the finish line.

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