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10 Films Worth Watching With Your Kids - Society
10 Films Worth Watching With Your Kids - Society

Video: 10 Films Worth Watching With Your Kids - Society

Video: 10 Films Worth Watching With Your Kids - Society
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Children's cinema is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of heroes and villains, adventures and investigations, meetings and partings. We watch children's films and cartoons together and can live and discuss what is happening on the screen with our children. A family movie show can be a substitute for the kind, but, alas, forgotten tradition of reading aloud in the circle of households

The selection of films presented below does not claim to be universal and should not become a “Responsible Parent's Guide”.

There are families in which only domestic films (and cartoons) are watched. They are considered psychologically harmless and receive an approving social rating. In most of them, the roles are spelled out clearly: here is "good", and here is "evil", and good always triumphs over evil.

And there are families where the preschoolers' favorite movie character - the Terminator or, say, "Die Hard" John McClain - because mom and dad love blockbusters, they will gladly discuss the plot with the children.

It is important to be empathetic and create conditions for children to choose “their own”, “suitable” cinema in accordance with their mood, age and topic of interest

We offer 10 films that are worth watching with children

1. "Princes and Princesses"

princes and princesses
princes and princesses

France, 2000

"Prince, do you love me?" - "Yes!" - "And this is for a long time?" - "Forever and ever!"

Perhaps the most romantic animated children's film, shot in the style of "shadow theater"

Six familiar fairytale stories from childhood about princes and princesses who meet, fall in love, overcome obstacles and unite forever.

This is a children's cartoon about how true, beautiful, eternal love is. Fascinating and absolutely magical, he will tell you that miracles happen, and somewhere very close to you - a person who is destined to become loved.

In this animated version, familiar fairy-tale characters acquire new features and multidimensionality, and now it seems to us that these stories could happen quite recently, even right now, in the present, and with each of us.

It will especially appeal to young dreamers and dreamers with an artistic imagination, say, from ten years old

2. "Monsters, Inc."

Monsters, Inc
Monsters, Inc

USA, 2001

According to the plot, "terrible" and not so monsters extract the energy that feeds the city from children's cries.

Suitable for toddlers from four to five years old, you need to watch it with adults. Children at all times are afraid of monsters, it is common knowledge. But it turns out that monsters can be afraid of children.

It is not surprising, after all, these are completely wild, energetic, uncontrollable creatures who poke their nose everywhere and everywhere, and you can't get around problems with them.

The main idea of this bright musical cartoon, which looks in one breath - is scary that we are not familiar with. But the more we get closer, the more joyful we are from recognizing the other

A dangerous creature, it turns out, can be fluffy and soft, and not evil at all. Sometimes he may need help too. Towards the end of the story, it turns out that much more energy is contained not in screams, but in children's gurgling laughter, and this, you see, is a completely different story.

3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

charlie and choco
charlie and choco

USA, 2005

In this fantasy, everything is a little "too": bright colors, the image of the main hoaxer (or is it a wizard?) Willy Wonka, a fantastic factory, very different characters of five children who came to compete for the main prize. The eccentric owner of the chocolate factory hospitably opens the doors of his property, the doors to the world of endless and accessible pleasures - just stretch out your hand.

This family movie is a cautionary tale about the ability to withstand uncertainty, temptation, but remain yourself. About the ability to be surprised at new things and appreciate what is already there, to empathize

4. "My Terrible Nanny"

my terrible nanny
my terrible nanny

USA, UK, France, 2005

The plot of the tale of Nanny McPhee, whom a desperate widower hires to cope with seven young tomboys of different ages, is beautiful and simple.

The nanny-sorceress consistently implements the main pedagogical commandment - upbringing occurs when a child is faced with the results of his actions. Neither admonition, punishment, nor supplication work as well as natural consequences. And of course, they must be physically safe and supervised by an adult.

It is much easier for children to grow and mature when they notice not only their bad deeds, but also themselves

Love, acceptance, reasonable boundaries are not a new recipe. But subtly and with humor, abundantly seasoned with magic.

5. "Little Nicolas"

little nicolas
little nicolas

France, Belgium, 2009

A film about the everyday life of an eight-year-old French boy Nicolas and his company is perfect for family viewing, especially if there are children - junior schoolchildren

Mischievous, observant, curious Nicolas is constantly on the move, and stories happen to him every day - funny and not so much. He is happy, surprised, sad and even jealous in advance, suspecting that his parents intend to present him with a “gift” in the form of a tiny squeaking baby, brother or sister, which will immediately take them, mom and dad, from Nicolas.

How he tries to solve this problem, what he encounters and what he learns - the film is just about this.

6. "Kingdom of the Full Moon"

full moon kingdom
full moon kingdom

USA, 2012

This picture is certainly suitable for twelve year olds. Eternal themes about growing up: loneliness, misunderstanding, rebellion, attempts at independence, love, body, “who I am”.

It helps to see the problems of adolescence both through the eyes of adults and through the eyes of children

The ending is quite optimistic - they are not monsters, they just grow. Let's help them now! After all, it won't last forever.

7. "Maleficent"


USA, 2014

A beautiful and slightly sinister fairy tale about Sleeping Beauty turned upside down, where the main character is not her at all.

A serious, if magical, story of betrayal, revenge, affection and devoted true love

8. "Puzzle"


USA, 2015

Not a movie, but continuous emotions and experiences. The childhood of the main character, the girl Riley, leaves, she becomes a teenager, and her life suddenly changes.

In adolescents, confusion reigns in soul and head. Those feelings that were so understandable and familiar - and the main one was joy - suddenly get confused

More and more often sadness comes, then anger "happens", and even mixed with disgust, and all this is beyond any control! Joy suddenly completely disappears, is lost, all the time I want to cry.

Riley does not understand what is happening, only the audience understands, because they are watching this story from the inside. See what's going on in Riley's head. How emotional ties break, change, become more complicated, some are destroyed and in their place others, more "mature", arise.

This children's cartoon is a psychology lesson for the whole family.

9. "Coco's Secret"

secret coco
secret coco

USA, 2017

An animated picture for all family members with children, including grandparents.

What happens if there is some sad or shameful secret in the family that crushes and does not allow breathing calmly, does not allow us to become ourselves, as if we were forced to live not our own lives?

Sometimes it is necessary to "descend" (or to be accidentally, like the main character, the boy Miguel) into the world of the dead in order to get answers there.

An exceptionally wise children's film, apparently made with a full understanding of the ideas of depth psychology

10. "Mary and the Witch's Flower"

mary and the witch flower
mary and the witch flower

Japan, 2017

Children's cartoon for anime lovers from six to ninety-nine years old. An atmospheric and gentle tale of how friendship turns out.

Not obvious, but true! The most interesting discoveries, craving for knowledge, the birth of a dream and the realization of the plan begin when the child is … bored

Yes, yes, I understand, it sounds strange and frightening, but it is boredom, lack of activity, emptiness that create space in the child's soul for unexpected ideas that will carry him away in search of adventure.

Do we let kids get bored? Dreaming, not doing anything "useful" and "necessary", sitting in the seclusion and silence of the room, indulging in inner travel?

In the cartoon, it is boredom that becomes the starting point for little Mary of her magical adventures. She has to find true friendship, meet villains, save enchanted animals from their spells, and even learn something unexpected about her family.

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