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The Film “Gogol. Terrible Revenge "- Reviews, Society
The Film “Gogol. Terrible Revenge "- Reviews, Society

Video: The Film “Gogol. Terrible Revenge "- Reviews, Society

Video: The Film “Gogol. Terrible Revenge "- Reviews, Society
Video: "GOGOL. A terrible vengeance." film trailer (2018) 2023, March
  • “Gogol. Terrible revenge ", Russia, 2018
  • Director: Egor Baranov
  • Cast: Alexander Petrov, Oleg Menshikov, Evgeny Stychkin, Artem Suchkov, Taisiya Vilkova, Yulia Frants

This is the final film of the trilogy based on the works of Nikolai Gogol. The series includes tapes:

1. Gogol. Start (2017)

  • Chapter one. Murders in Dikanka
  • Chapter two. Red scroll

2. Gogol. Wii (2018)

  • Chapter three. Enchanted place
  • Chapter four. Viy

3. Gogol. Terrible revenge (2018)

  • Chapter five. The Horseman's Lair
  • Chapter six. Terrible revenge

The film was ahead of many foreign thrillers in terms of the number of views. Why do we like to watch mystical tales so much?

I cannot make the facts real, I can only show their shadow


1. We are attracted by secrets

The plot, known from the first series, tells the story of the protagonist in the fantasy genre. A forensic clerk and secretly a writer by the will of fate and the famous investigator Guro ends up in Little Russia, where the secret of the brutal murders of young girls is to be revealed.

A sacred secret is hidden in the fate of the prototype of Gogol himself. For a long time the mystery remains unknown to him, causing bewilderment and breaking the psyche

The filmmakers have composed a sensitive story about the mystery of the birth of a boy. In an extreme situation, the servant decides to tell how his father, having lost two children, begged the otherworldly force for the right to life for his third son. "Live, Dark One!" - he exclaims. Since then, the Dark One does not drown in water and does not burn in fire …

2. We like to learn details from the lives of famous people

And let these details be rethought by the director and actors. The main thing is the opportunity to touch unknown facts from the life of a writer familiar from school textbooks.

If we take the biographical part of the thriller at face value, then we learn a lot about the classics, from birth to the intricacy of death.

The film also played on the popular hoax that Gogol was very afraid of being buried alive during his lifetime

According to the plot of the thriller, this just happened on a farm near Dikanka. Having got out of the coffin (by pure chance, turned out to be rotten), our hero is going through a real catharsis, realizing that he can not only save Lisa, with whom he is in love, but also all of humanity.

Was the famous writer Nikolai Gogol really afraid of being buried alive? Read more about this in the article by Alexander Shuvalov “Nikolai Gogol. Prophet of the absurd. "My body cannot be buried …""

3. … and follow the adventures of the superhero

Further, the superhero enters into its own rights according to the law of the genre. But the Dark One himself has no idea how to live in a new incarnation. Psychology tells him the moves of self-preservation, but he has to fight with evil spirits.

In Dikanka, unthinkable horrors unfold, the blood of mystical victims is shed. And only the brilliant detective Gouraud knows the secret of the Black Horseman.

Why do we like horror movies? What is so attractive about them from a psychological point of view? It turns out that this is how we learn to overcome fears in our own, real life, and not only …

Read more about this in the article by Andrey Bespalov "Why we watch horror films."

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