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How To Maintain Romance In A Relationship - Relations
How To Maintain Romance In A Relationship - Relations

Video: How To Maintain Romance In A Relationship - Relations

Video: How To Maintain Romance In A Relationship - Relations
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Romantic love. Most relationships in a couple begin with her. This period is saturated with a veil of romance and love. Our psyche idealizes and romanticizes a partner, and everything that can alert and alienate us in this person is pushed out of consciousness. We see in a partner only what our imagination draws. What will be next?

Moving to a "new level"

Relationships cannot always sound on a high note. We get tired of passion and love, and a period of recession, "calmness" comes.

The task of this period is to create strong and stable relationships, strengthen communication in a couple. We lose "rose-colored glasses" and appear in front of each other completely unprotected, such as we are

Romance and lightness are leaving, they are replaced by stability and tranquility, which can turn into the usual monotony. And a conflict of desires arises: on the one hand, we are looking for security and constancy in a relationship and a partner, on the other hand, we want romance and unpredictability, we want to rise above the routine of everyday life.

"Bad" advice

You ask - so how to preserve romance in the relationship between a man and a woman, carry it through the years and not lose interest in each other? How to combine partnership and acuteness, routine and the unknown?

Remember 15 years ago you could read advice in magazines for women on how to maintain a romantic relationship between spouses? We were advised to dress in unthinkable transparent peignoirs, light candles throughout the apartment for greater mystery, and sprinkle all this abundantly with rose petals.

But as it turns out, it might not work. Because it turns into just an entourage, scenery that will not save your relationship if conflict smolders in a couple and emotional closeness is lost. And boredom, dissatisfaction, and sometimes latent hostility comes.

6 rules to keep romance in a relationship?

1. Caring and empathy

Try to introduce small signs of attention and care for your partner into your everyday life. For example, a note in your pocket with a wish for a good day will be a pleasant surprise and a reminder that you remember and love your partner.

2. Time for communication

Talk about yourself, share your feelings and thoughts with each other. It is important to learn to listen with understanding and respect. This will help maintain interest in each other and build trust.

3. Privacy for two

It is important at least sometimes to escape from monotonous everyday life. Travel out of town or surprise - take weekend tickets to another country and walk together, enjoy communication and carefree.

4. Trust

Loosen control. Romance grows where there is more air for freedom and creativity.

How to keep romance in a relationship 2
How to keep romance in a relationship 2

5. Sexuality

Romance in relationships is also associated with the quality of the partners' sexual life. If there is no attraction, there is no romance. Remember that you are not only parents to your children, you are a man and a woman. When we call each other "daddy" and "mommy", it does not contribute to erotic moods.

6. Distance

Everyone should have something personal in life, only their own. Friends, hobbies or time to reboot - be alone and miss your partner.

As you understand, in order to maintain romance in a relationship, it is important, on the one hand, to create emotional closeness and trust, on the other hand, to have the opportunity for personal living space and development, so that interest in each other does not fade away

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