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How To Build A Relationship With A Married Man - Relations
How To Build A Relationship With A Married Man - Relations

Video: How To Build A Relationship With A Married Man - Relations

Video: How To Build A Relationship With A Married Man - Relations
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This story is as old as the world, it is very difficult and cannot be generalized here. You will not be able to look through one prism at a relationship with a married man. We propose to analyze various situations together with the psychologist Marianna Abravitova

First story. Classics of the genre

It so happens that a woman truly falls in love with a man and does not notice (or does not want to notice) that all his promises to divorce his wife soon are a deception. Surely you have such acquaintances, and perhaps a similar situation was in your life.

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A man convinces you that he has long had no feelings for his wife and that he lives with her only because of the children. He is looking for true love and would like to end the relationship, but there are constraints, such as the early admission of the child to school / college or the illness of his wife. And as soon as he solves these problems, the man will be ready to leave the family and start building a relationship with you.

The woman listens to all this and believes. Usually a woman who has not had a man for a long time falls for this bait

Such women dissolve in a man, they cry, suffer, every day they expect his relationship to end, because she has real feelings for him, not his wife.

Alas, this is a standard and very common situation. It is so difficult for a woman to move away from such a relationship that it can last for years

She perceives this as a betrayal, as a huge lost opportunity. And she cannot be convinced that this was originally a game with only one goal, that only she loved in these relationships, and the man only brought variety into his life, having a pleasant time.

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Psychologist's recommendations

Not every woman is capable of finding strength in herself and breaking such a relationship. Usually, until she goes through all the stages of such a romance from euphoria and falling in love to the realization that her dream is not destined to come true, the woman continues to hold on to the relationship with both hands.

The psychologist's advice in this case is simple: be realistic. You don't need to dissolve in a man. Leave room to take a critical look at him and try to understand who you are communicating with.

If you understood everything a long time ago and want to get out of this relationship, use the negativism technique. Remember all the negative qualities, character traits of your partner. Change the degree from adoration and lust to a sober assessment

The second story. Contractual relationship

This type of relationship with a married man is preferred by women who really look at life and understand for what purposes they need a man.

This is a kind of contractual relationship. That is, together on the side we get pleasure, have fun, have a good time. Such women benefit more from a relationship with a married man, they may even have more than one partner.

A woman may be a little in love with her chosen one, but will not allow herself to dissolve in him. She will never want to take him away from the family, she will not dream that he loves only her and now he will leave his wife and marry her. She doesn't need all this.

Psychologist's recommendations

In this situation, it is hardly worth changing anything. Such women do not feel very comfortable in marriage, but they like to be a lover. They receive such pleasant dividends from a relationship with a married man - flowers, gifts, restaurants, crazy sex - that they don't want to spoil it with marriage.

From the point of view of psychology, such women are in a more advantageous position. They have no depression, despondency, suffering, illusion. They do not take an affair with a married man too seriously, taking it all as a temporary pleasure

Third story. Relationship with the femme fatale

Such a lady does not care whether a man is married or not. She has such an ability to handle the stronger sex that it is extremely difficult for a man to resist her charm, charms, and it does not matter here whether he is married or not.

For the sake of such women, men are ready to leave their wives and get married if necessary. Relationships will always be painful for the stronger sex. A man will suffer, his conscience will begin to torment him that he is forced to leave his children and his wife, with whom he may have lived for 20 years in marriage.

Psychologist's recommendations

When entering into such a relationship, it is important to remember that for a man there is a very high probability of reaching a divorce, building a new family with a former lover. By the way, the scenario for the development of relations in a new family is completely different. Such women do not leave of their own accord. They decide for themselves how long this marriage will last.

If life has presented you with a "surprise" in the form of a married man, choose for yourself the kind of relationship that is closer to you.

Never dissolve in another person, do not allow yourself to be manipulated and always be very critical and realistic about the union that you create

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