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When Psychological Help Is Needed - Quality Of Life, Society
When Psychological Help Is Needed - Quality Of Life, Society

Video: When Psychological Help Is Needed - Quality Of Life, Society

Video: When Psychological Help Is Needed - Quality Of Life, Society
Video: Primary care quality for people with serious mental ill health 2023, March

Recently, a kind of boom in psychology has become more and more noticeable. Specialized publications, books, blogs, TV shows, video channels - a lot of sources urge us to turn to how our psyche works

Thousands of psychologists maintain pages on social networks, speak on the radio and comment on TV shows. Yes, and in everyday life when sorting out the relationship every now and then sounds: "You have to go to a psychologist." Unfortunately, very often such a phrase is perceived as something offensive. But is such a proposal so offensive? Do you have a reason to seek psychological help?

Normally, if a person is not chronically ill and does not consciously self-destruct, his body does an excellent job of maintaining functionality on its own. This directly applies to mental processes. We are very adaptive, we adapt well to changing circumstances, we change quickly in order to survive.

If you are comfortable in your life and you rate it rather positively, then it is likely that you do not need psychological help at all. The problem is that not everyone has it. People suffer for years, suffer, or even deny their experiences instead of turning to a specialist who could help figure it out.

Pain is our body's way of letting us know that something is wrong in some part of it. The psyche is no exception. However, we are used to ignoring the signals of our body, so we often take discomfort as normal. Let's try to take care of our mental health and listen to ourselves

1. I cannot maintain my usual life

Previously, there was a sea of energy, but now you can hardly find the strength to go to the shower. A solid excellent student in school, a successful student of a good university cannot bring himself to go in search of a decent job, agreeing to the modest position of a librarian. The flamboyant party girl does not answer calls or leave the house for weeks.

Often this state is described as follows: "like the light went out", "there is no motivation to move, I am like a vegetable", "what's the point, but who needs me." Habitual life fades into the background, there is neither strength nor desire to support it. Previously important things cease to be enjoyable and lose their meaning

Of course, from time to time, we all feel sad, upset, sad and depressed. But if you realize that your "toggle switch" has been in the "off" position for more than two weeks, this is a good reason to see a psychologist.

2. Acute trauma

Something terrible, shocking has happened or you have become a participant, witness or victim of an event related to death or harm to health, honor and dignity of a person. Violence, disasters, hostilities, accidents, humiliation and gross injustice - the survivor and even the witness must seek help to cope with the consequences.

Even if the event seems to have had little impact on you, a consultation or two will not hurt to make sure that you are not crowding out negative emotions and they will not have a devastating effect on you later. The consequences of untreated trauma can open up years later, negatively affecting your daily life and health.

3. Long-standing traumatic event or series of events

In the past, you have experienced a traumatic event and did not receive psychological help on time. You've done it, but the consequences continue to affect you. These can be repetitive disturbing dreams or peculiar rituals that seem to be designed to protect you from repetition: you avoid places and actions that are associated with what happened.

If you realize that this influence is too limiting for you, see a psychologist who can help you work through the consequences of trauma, which will significantly improve your quality of life.

4. Change

Getting married, divorcing, losing a job, changing your place of residence, having a child - changes can be different, pleasant and not so much. In any case, even very happy events have a strong influence on a person.

Our psyche is capable of unexpected reactions, for example, a long-awaited move, a wedding or a desired birth can lead to apathy, depression and even depression. Such moments are much easier to experience with the support and help of a professional who has undergone special training.

5. Addiction

Something is getting stronger than your will - substance, relationship, or infatuation - and you need help. When addiction has already formed, it is very difficult to cope with it on your own. If you are determined to go this way, contact a professional who specializes in working with addictions - chemical, codependent relationships, gambling addiction, eating disorders, shopaholism, etc. You may need a psychiatric consultation or the joint efforts of employees of specialized centers.

6. At a crossroads

You are unable to make an important decision or are in doubt for a long time. The agony of choice literally paralyzes you. This suggests that two or more conflicting needs are fighting in you. Most likely, you are not aware of this and do not suspect which ones. A psychologist will help you understand the situation and make a decision in favor of one of the options. Or maybe you will discover a new path that you have not seen before.

7. Health problems. Psychosomatics

Your body has lost its settings, you have bypassed all the doctors, and the cause of your ailments is not clear. The symptoms seem to wander through your body. Or have you noticed that the disease is activated in certain circumstances, and doctors advise you to just be less nervous.

The connection between a healthy body and spirit has been known since ancient times. In medicine, whole groups of diseases are identified that are psychosomatic. For example, the "holy seven". It historically includes bronchial asthma, ulcerative colitis, essential hypertension, neurodermatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Nowadays, this list has become much larger.

Psychologists specializing in psychosomatic illnesses have been successful in helping to reduce the frequency and intensity of the onset of symptoms, often the problem goes away altogether. But even if your illness has understandable organic reasons, do not refuse such help. Working with a professional psychologist in a gentle and supportive atmosphere enhances the effectiveness of conservative treatment.

8. Everything is wrong, everything is wrong

Your life is arranged "as it should": there is nothing to complain about, there are relationships, work, hobbies. But something is disturbing, you do not leave the feeling that you are not in your place. The habitual way of life does not inspire, everyday life has become monotonous, feelings have lost their sharpness. Worry has become your constant companion and you cannot find the reason.

Maybe you are overworked, or maybe this is an existential crisis. In any case, this is a great opportunity to get to know yourself, your desires and feelings. A better place to do this than a psychologist's office is hard to find

9. Relationships don't go well

In order to feel confident and secure, we need relationships with other people. It is desirable that they be strong, enjoyable or beneficial. And you don't add up. Or add up in such a way that they bring nothing but pain and disappointment. There are scandals in the family, conflicts at work. In his personal life, he pursues the same scenario.

Then it would be good to investigate the reasons for what is happening together with a specialist. You will be able to better understand how you build relationships with other people, you will be able to formulate what you want from them, try new strategies for communication and behavior in conflict situations.

Whatever the reason for contacting a psychologist, you will have an exciting journey into your own inner world, where you can meet and get to know better a unique personality - with yourself. The more you know about yourself, the better you will be able to arrange your life - not by someone's set standards, but in a way that is comfortable, safe and enjoyable for you.

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