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Body Languages Festival Of Body Practices - Events
Body Languages Festival Of Body Practices - Events

Video: Body Languages Festival Of Body Practices - Events

Video: Body Languages Festival Of Body Practices - Events
Video: 4 essential body language tips from a world champion public speaker 2023, March

Almost 10 years have passed since the last and most representative conference on body practices, organized by me under the auspices of the now deceased Russian Association of Body Psychotherapists (ATOP). This year, on November 2-4, in Moscow, I want to hold a Festival of Body Practices with the same name as that conference - "Body Languages" and the same symbol - the unfinished Tower of Babel.

Festival objectives

Awareness of the role, place and experience of applying bodily practices in the formation of a Human and helping him

Topics covered at the festival and theses' problems:

  • Body culture and bodily competence.
  • Soul and body, dualism and unity.
  • Body psychotherapy: East and West.
  • Bodily psychotechnics: Russian roots.
  • Body and health.


The most complete representation of the main directions of bodily practices:

  • acting psychotechnics;
  • art therapy;
  • bioenergy A. Lowen;
  • D. Boadella biosynthesis;
  • bodynamics L. Marcher;
  • spiritual obstetrics;
  • integral body therapy;
  • yoga;
  • tensintegrity;
  • body-focused approach to gestalt therapy, somatic trauma therapy;
  • lubki;
  • osteopathy;
  • procedural psychotherapy;
  • psychosomatics, Rosen method;
  • free breathing;
  • thanatotherapy V. Baskakov;
  • dance movement therapy;
  • taijiquan;
  • bodily pedagogy M. Feldenkrais;
  • transpersonal psychotherapy;
  • lucid dreaming;
  • shamanic psychotechnics;
  • R. Steiner's eurythmy, playback theater
  • and many many others!

The most famous lecturers and presenters of workshops (the list is being confirmed).

Round table “The body is given to me! What to do?!" and a lively discussion on current topics.

Enrollment in long-term training programs.

The most complete kiosk of related literature.

The registration fee includes:

1 copy collection of abstracts, participant certificate


Moscow, Aptekarskiy pereulok 9, Ripa-center

Registration: November 2 from 13.00 to 14.00. The beginning of the festival: at 14.00

Your applications for participation in the festival as a participant or performer (there are 12 vacancies and the priority is set by the date and time of your application for a performance!) - send: [email protected]

A program with a list of speakers will be sent to your application by the next letter.

See you!

Vladimir Baskakov,

coordinator of the International (Russia, Germany, Great Britain)

program "Body Culture", founder and first president of the

Russian Association of Body Psychotherapists (ATOP)

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