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Refined Schizoids - The Quality Of Life
Refined Schizoids - The Quality Of Life

Video: Refined Schizoids - The Quality Of Life

Video: Refined Schizoids - The Quality Of Life
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Schizoid accentuation is one of the most elegant. I will try to reveal it to you so that you can appreciate its charm and originality. Of course, any of my fellow psychologists can argue, they say, there is enough originality in every accentuation. But nevertheless, the schizoid for me personally stands apart, and I highlight its specificity

I'm playing with myself

First of all, I ask you not to confuse schizoids with schizophrenic patients: they may or may not be sick with it (as well as representatives of other personality types). Schizophrenia is a hereditary disease, and this or that personality structure is not directly related to genetics. A hysterical mother may well raise a schizoid son, as well as a psychasthenic, emotionally labile, etc., etc.

The most significant feature of the schizoid type is considered isolation, isolation from society, inability or unwillingness to establish relationships, and a decrease in the need for communication. At the same time, such people have a refined sensitivity and, with all the colorlessness of external manifestations, are able to live, relying on the riches of their inner world.

Schizoid traits, as a rule, come to light earlier than the character traits of all other types. Adults usually react with surprise to a toddler who loves to play on his own, avoiding peers. Such a child, as a rule, is drawn to people much older than himself in age, loves to be present when they communicate with each other, he is carried away by different stories from their adult life.

So, one seven-year-old girl, who was developing a schizoid personality, did not have a single girlfriend of the same age, but she considered her mother's colleague to be her friend, with whom she spent a lot of time. When a schizoid child finds himself in the company of peers, he usually takes an observant position. It is more interesting for him than to act actively

In adolescence, schizoids are usually busy determining their place in life, for this purpose they read many books, study the fate of the heroes with an attempt to "try on" them for themselves. Their hobbies can be somewhat artsy in nature, such as collecting butterflies, rare stamps, unusual items from other eras. Their inner world is almost always closed from prying eyes. These people are absorbed in vivid fantasies, which, as a rule, are not shared with others. Their inner wealth is the property of themselves.

Cold souls

The phenomenon of "glass and wood" was once described by the German psychiatrist Ernst Kretschmer. Its essence boils down to the following: being especially sensitive, for example, to the fate of a broken flower, a schizoid can remain indifferent to the illness and suffering of a close relative. So, one of my clients continued to cherish the kitten out of "love for beauty", not paying attention to her grandmother who lived with her with a hip fracture.

A characteristic feature of schizoids is their lack of empathy. They do not know how to penetrate other people's experiences, guess the desires of others, guess about the hostile attitude towards themselves. It can be difficult for them to grasp the moment when they should not impose their presence, and when, on the contrary, it would be better to listen, sympathize with the interlocutor. All this is a manifestation of the weakness of emotional resonance. That is why schizoids are often called cold

The inner world of schizoids is almost always closed from prying eyes. Only in front of a select few can the curtain suddenly rise and then fall just as unexpectedly. Throughout their lives, they remain "a thing in themselves." Sometimes you have known such a person for many years and do not understand something important in him. The inaccessibility of the inner world and restraint in the manifestation of feelings make many actions of schizoids incomprehensible and unexpected for those around them, because the entire course of experiences and motives that precede them remains hidden for an outside observer.

Lonely Hearts

The choice of literature for reading can be distinguished by selectivity: a certain era or a specific philosophical trend can be considered. All this is never for show (as in people of the hysterical type), but only for oneself. The higher the level of intelligence of a schizoid, the more refined his inner claims will be. The schizoid type is not a very frequent variant of character, and schizoid accentuations usually do not lead to social maladjustment, or severe behavioral disorders, or acute affective reactions. Suicidal behavior is also rarely characteristic of schizoids.

Kretschmer emphasized the aesthetic coloring of this personality structure, he wrote about the likeness of the schizoids "devoid of decoration Roman villas, whose shutters are closed from the bright sun, but in the twilight of which sumptuous feasts cope." The schizoid, as a rule, is good and interesting to be alone with himself. If he sets himself the task of training the body, he, of course, will prefer hours of walking to collective sports games.

"Only crows fly in flocks, the eagle is always one" - this is the inner motto of our schizoid, which he does not postulate to anyone, but follows it throughout his life

Schizoids make good managers, they do not require merging with themselves, they do not suspect anyone of anything, they are not interested in the life of employees outside the walls of the institution, they do not find fault with trifles. For them, the result of the work is important, and not any external moments, and subordinates value such non-interference in their personal space.

What no schizoid likes - neither a leader nor a subordinate - is when they “crawl into his soul”. If he needs to, he will share information about himself. Such lonely, esthetes, alienated from society, live among us!

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