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How To Decipher A Fractal Pattern - Self-development
How To Decipher A Fractal Pattern - Self-development

Video: How To Decipher A Fractal Pattern - Self-development

Video: How To Decipher A Fractal Pattern - Self-development
Video: Benoit B. Mandelbrot, MIT 2001 - Fractals in Science, Engineering and Finance (Roughness and Beauty) 2023, April

Fractal drawing, or FRIS, is one of the areas of art therapy that uses the deep mechanisms of the subconscious and fine motor skills, allowing you to improve the psychophysiological state and well-being of a person. The drawing "reveals" information about the personality, gives an idea of character traits, attitude to the world around, interpersonal problems. This art therapy tool is available to anyone who knows how to hold a pencil in his hand. Draw your "I", and we will show you how to do it

Contour drawing technology

Do you want to talk to yourself honestly and without witnesses? Then take a thick sheet of A4 paper and a black ballpoint pen. It is advisable to have about a hundred shades of pencils and 12-14 colored pens in a box. When all the attributes are ready, you can start action.

Place the sheet horizontally, close our eyes and draw a continuous line for 60 seconds. We try to diversify as much as possible the direction of lines with a large intersection and at the same time maintain an average speed. The resulting cells have to be divided into three types by size. The large ones should match the walnut, the medium ones should match the pumpkin seed and cashew nut, and the small ones will be the size of a poppy seed.

Rules for coloring the diagnostic drawing

There are 21 drawings in the cycle, of which 3 are diagnostic and 18 are corrective ones with given elements and symbols. Before starting the process, we take out the pencils from the box with our eyes closed.

An important point. Before coloring the cell, we carry out a color test

Draw pea-sized circles on a separate sheet and place them in a column from top to bottom.

Then we open our eyes and paint diametrically opposite cells - no less than three, but no more than seven or nine. We avoid that adjacent cells are of the same color or shade. After you have finished drawing with one pencil, place it in the basket with the rest.

Intuitive line-by-line decoding

When decoding a figure, you must pay attention to:

  • the size of the drawing itself, the speed of its execution;
  • the location of the drawing on the sheet;
  • line quality;
  • the shape of the outline drawing;
  • line trajectory shape;
  • intersection of lines in the figure.

FRIS-based interpretations

  • If the line is clear and continuous - the person is executive, independent, accurate, confident.
  • The heterogeneous line speaks of the flexible character of the "artist". This is most likely an insecure person, a dreamer.
  • Weak pressure signals the "de-energized" organism or illness.

The drawing can be deciphered, taking into account the various shapes, trajectories, the size of the lines and the contour itself

Moving the picture up, down, left or right will tell whether a person is living with past events and memories or dwelling in dreams of the future.

What does the color scheme mean?

The predominance of bright colors characterizes the high involvement of a person in life processes.

The perception of color is associated with the biological, physiological and mental characteristics of a person. In drawing, there is an orientation towards sensations. Thus, a person makes up for what he lacks.

The color selection mechanism is dictated by deep processes. As a rule, this or that color appears impulsively

First, the drawing is considered by shades (transparent, medium and dense). Then decryption occurs according to the execution technique. It is estimated how densely shaded the cells are. White, not filled cells are also taken into account.

At the moment of creating a fractal pattern, the miracle of the disclosure of our inner world occurs, and this is not regulated by reason. You can call it honest communication with yourself, for which you do not need to prepare. Everything happens by itself.

A fractal drawing can explain a lot. This is the path from the conscious to the unconscious, in which change begins with the main thing - with yourself

How will this art therapy technique help?

  • The FRIS method is used by psychologists both in individual work with a client and for the purpose of diagnostics and corrective work with adults.
  • Fractal drawing is suitable for studying relationships in a group in order to identify the psychological compatibility of team members.
  • You can apply this technique yourself. FRIS develops the ability to think not stereotyped and be able to achieve results thanks to the rules.

All that remains is to close your eyes and release your hand into free creative floating through the boundless expanse of the album sheet

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