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How To Get More Than You Want? - Self-development
How To Get More Than You Want? - Self-development

Video: How To Get More Than You Want? - Self-development

Video: How To Get More Than You Want? - Self-development
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Do you have dreams that make you smile? The goals that you set for yourself and for which you are doing everything possible? Do you share dreams and goals with your family, colleagues and friends? If so, you are probably good at getting more of what you want. If not, then this article may be of great help to you

This is a universal principle - you get more than what you think, talk about, and worry very much

Jack Canfield

The truth is that nothing is achieved without work. In practical terms, this means you need a healthy goal, a plan and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get things done.

Gain momentum, remain enthusiastic, and come up with original approaches and solutions are much more likely when you devote your time and energy to what you feel most strongly about

When you align with your values, it stimulates you.

Remember the bike

Think about your first bike that you needed when you were a kid. You saw one that you really liked, maybe the one your best friend got for Christmas. You could see what you have. You told your parents about it, you even cut out the photos that you left in a convenient place on the kitchen table. You talked about how great it would be to have this bike, you promised to help around the house. And they didn’t ask if you would receive a long-awaited gift.

Your efforts, desire, conversation, and emotions have been received by your parents. They may not have given you exactly the bike you wanted, but it was a bike. In any case, this is what you thought, talked about, and what allowed you to realize your goal, to get what you wanted.

In case of family difficulties, you could use your bike for various side jobs, such as delivering newspapers. You probably got what you wanted, even if it took a little extra time from you. Remember the satisfaction and joy you felt? It is a sweet memory and serves as an example of identifying a goal and creating a plan to achieve it.

How about promotion?

Let's simulate the situation. You have an open position in your company, in a higher position, and you know that you are more than qualified to fill it. What's next? Better to start with a conversation.

You talk to your loved ones and family members about how much you want this position, what it will mean an increase in salary, responsibility and the chance to demonstrate a wider range of your skills. Listen to opinions, evaluate your strength.

In fact, you talk about it all the time, because you constantly think about a new position. You have already mentally received it. But it is important to separate the dream and the goal, if the first is only fantasies about the possibility, then the second is the opportunity to achieve.

With the support and encouragement of your loved ones, you need to formulate a plan to approach your department head or HR manager to apply for a job.

You've put together a portfolio of your accomplishments by highlighting your strengths. You emphasized that you can be useful in a new place. Your arguments, both written and verbal, are extremely convincing. You will be interviewed and possibly get the job you are looking for. The process boils down to what you think about, what you talk about and what you feel, and then move on to action

Get more like?

Define a goal and make a plan of action to achieve it. Include alternate plans so you can face the obstacles fully armed. Try to be flexible so that you don't get frustrated with unexpected changes. You learn about yourself and your capabilities as you work towards meaningful goals.

If you remain open to other opportunities, you will not only broaden your horizons, you will be more confident in embarking on new ventures, taking a few calculated risks, and reaping the rewards of your efforts.

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