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Rest For Two - No Quarrels - Relations
Rest For Two - No Quarrels - Relations

Video: Rest For Two - No Quarrels - Relations

Video: Rest For Two - No Quarrels - Relations
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Many couples are looking forward to this exciting time together. In the imagination, romantic pictures of idyll are drawn, adrenaline rush for active fidgets and golden tan, relaxation and the sound of the surf for lovers of a quiet pastime. But reality does not always meet our expectations. How to make a vacation for two unforgettable? Let's take it step by step

To begin with, let's answer the question - why are people going on a joint trip. Young couples strive to get closer, to plunge into a romantic atmosphere, and couples who have passed the test of time usually pursue the goal of rest, escape from the routine of everyday life, and get fresh impressions. And hopes will be justified if the pictures drawn in the imagination are mostly realized. It is necessary to think over the vacation and its details together.

Step number 1. Participate in the organization of recreation together

Determine the choice of the type of rest, place, hotel, excursions together. Of course, the situation is problematic when one of you wants to sail the ocean, and the other is sitting in the pool, sipping a cocktail. But an agreement can be reached in the most irreconcilable matters at first glance.

The main thing is to do this before the vacation, and not to transfer the harsh reality of everyday troubles to the place where everyone intends to rest in body and soul.

Organization of a vacation for two with your loved one will save you from unnecessary responsibility and mutual reproaches

So, you discussed all possible options, considered the proposals of your soul mate, managed to agree and convince yourself that trying something new, such as hiking in a rainforest or climbing a mountain, proposed by a partner, will be an unforgettable experience. What to do next?

Where is the danger? Expecting each other. For example, you think that your partner should learn a foreign language and communicate with locals, deciphering their messages to you. Or you expect that he will also find a reliable place where you can attach your pet. And he does not suspect about it by sleep or spirit.

Step number 2. Agree on the distribution of responsibilities that lie ahead of you before and during the holiday

You don't have to wait for your partner to figure out what you want from him. Make a detailed list of things to do a few weeks before your vacation. And negotiate. By the way, this advice is useful not only before leaving, but also throughout your life together.

We decided on the rest, assigned responsibilities, what next?

Step # 3. Tune in to positive relaxation

Fatigue and irritability are common phenomena in the modern stressful rhythm of our life.

You are unlikely to enjoy your vacation if you focus on the negative aspects of what is happening

An uncomfortable seat on an airplane? A comfortable bed awaits you at the hotel. Are there mosquitoes? But what a wonderful nature around. Too sociable neighbors in the room nearby? This also has its advantages - you are aware of the latest news, you know where and what is on the territory, there is always someone to turn to with a question.

Pay attention to the positives. You will be pleasantly surprised how much this will change the quality of your vacation for the better.

Take a vacation a few days before departure. This time will help you relax, tune in the right way, calm down

And boldly go! Of course, leaving all the problems and troubles behind.

You found yourself in the chosen place, you managed to disconnect from everyday worries and get comfortable in a new place, even feel the romance of the surrounding landscapes. But you are not alone. There are many vacationers and locals around, older and younger, including the opposite sex.

Step # 4. Avoid situations of jealousy

Stick together, remind your partner how much you love him, say how good you feel around him. After all, you will have to return and build relationships in the future with this person. Who could be more valuable?

Finally, don't forget - you are on vacation.

Step # 5. Show Respect for Your Partner's Needs and Personal Space

Do not demand attention all the time. Let each of you be distracted, do what he likes. Not everyone can be around around the clock. Give each other the opportunity to be alone. This is a natural need for any person.

You have a great opportunity to enjoy the closeness, distract yourself and get new impressions. Seize the moment! And your relationship will only strengthen when each of you learns to enjoy life, especially in a wonderful time of joint relaxation

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