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Is It Time To Start Living Together? - Relations
Is It Time To Start Living Together? - Relations

Video: Is It Time To Start Living Together? - Relations

Video: Is It Time To Start Living Together? - Relations
Video: The Psychology of Cohabitation: Should You Move In Together? 2023, March

The psychology of relations between the sexes can rightfully be called a whole science that we have been studying all our lives. At what stage of the relationship can you start living together? This question is answered by Olga Romaniv, the founder and head of the Classics of Relations Dating Club, family psychologist

To say unequivocally when you can start living together, all the more, it is impossible to write down some numbers: everything is purely individual. For example, a year-long relationship when you are both 18 and over 30 is far from the same thing.

Listen to yourself. Are you really confident in your choice? Are you ready to make a commitment?

1. Discuss new rules

It is one thing to physically move things from one apartment to another, and it is completely different to understand the peculiarities of the psychology of such relationships, to understand how to develop them correctly. It is absolutely natural that at first two lovers will enjoy spending time together, falling asleep and waking up together, but after a while both he and she will have to descend from heaven to earth.

Well, if you have the opportunity to live on your own, then no one from the outside will influence your relationship. If a girl plans to move with a man, then she needs to be prepared for the fact that she needs to discuss new rules and procedures for living together. Of course, they can always be corrected, but it is better to agree on important things right away.

2. Take a closer look at habits

Discuss most of the questions about living together in advance before starting. In any case, life together will be different from what it was before.

If you have any fundamental points, you need to voice them to your partner, but in no case make them a set of strict rules

Ask how his parents live. Thus, you will understand what he is used to, how he relates to the division of duties. And if your father brought your mom coffee to bed and washed the floors in the house, and in the family of the future groom all household issues were solved by women, it is logical to assume that you will have to look for a compromise for a long time. Not the least important financial issue. Decide what your budget will be: general or separate.

3. Ask important questions

In the modern world, the ability to manage your own life and freedom of choice are of great value.

Pay attention to how your chosen one makes plans, implements them. Does he listen to your opinion?

What is more important for him: talking to you, watching a movie together, taking a walk or having a gorgeous multi-course dinner when there is no energy left for it? How does he show concern for you, for example when you have a bad cold? Is he ready to go to the doctor with you when needed?

If you can answer positively to these and detailed questions, then this is a reason to get to know your partner better and try to live together

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