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Summer Is The Time To Love Your Body - Self-development
Summer Is The Time To Love Your Body - Self-development

Video: Summer Is The Time To Love Your Body - Self-development

Video: Summer Is The Time To Love Your Body - Self-development
Video: Self-Love And Appreciation To Accept Your Body & Manifest Improvement 2023, March

Now that summer is in full swing, many people are focusing on looks. If you don't love your body or any of its parts, you are certainly not alone. And most likely, you have become a victim of the culture of the “ideal image”

Models in magazines show how we should look. But we forget that in fact, many of these persons in reality do not look at all the same as after several hours of working with hair, makeup and photoshop. You don't have to look like a cover girl to take care of yourself and feel good.

1. Focus on function

Your body exists to keep you alive, not to keep you up to the expectations of others. Instead of thinking about how you look, start thinking about what your body can do. For example, every time you criticize yourself looking at a flabby belly, think about the belly raising the baby, helping support your back, or never stopping to digest food properly.

2. Throw away fashion magazines

People who read fashion magazines report a higher degree of self-criticism. Most likely, they are trying to match an unrealistic image of beauty. Get rid of these toxic sources of self-denial and you can see your body in a whole new light.

3. Nourish your body from the inside

Most of the time, feed your body nutritious foods that will help conserve energy and keep you happy. Diet has a profound effect on not only physical but also mental well-being. Don't underestimate the impact of a balanced diet on your mental well-being.

4. Pamper yourself

Do what makes you healthy. A relaxing massage, a hike in the forest, or a hot bath can do wonders for your mind and self-esteem. Just make sure you choose what makes your body feel good on the inside and not just look good.

5. Think of your body as a close friend

Your body was with you every minute of your life. It has seen your triumphs and failures and has never left you. Your body is your best friend. Start thinking about it this way and you will be surprised to see how quickly your self-denial fades and your tendency towards unrealistic perfectionism wanes.

6. Nurture your talents

Many people fall into the dangerous trap of focusing solely on their appearance. Uncovering a new talent (or honing an old one) helps you realize that you are much more than your looks.

Author: Emily Waters

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