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Project "Sex In Cinema": A Sexologist About The Film "No Hysteria!" - Quality Of Life, Reviews, Sex
Project "Sex In Cinema": A Sexologist About The Film "No Hysteria!" - Quality Of Life, Reviews, Sex

Video: Project "Sex In Cinema": A Sexologist About The Film "No Hysteria!" - Quality Of Life, Reviews, Sex

Video: Project "Sex In Cinema": A Sexologist About The Film "No Hysteria!" - Quality Of Life, Reviews, Sex
Video: «Секс для всех». Люди с инвалидностью тоже делают это | ТОК 2023, March
  • "No hysteria!" Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg. 2010 year
  • Director: Tanya Wexler
  • Cast: Hugh Dancy, Maggie Gyllenhaal

Victorian England, 1880. Medical school graduate Mortimer Granville gets a job in the office of Dr. Dalrymple, which is famous throughout London for a unique method of treating "hysteria" - female overexcitation - with the help of intimate massage. The popularity of Dalrymple's "manual" method is growing at an astronomical rate, and it is becoming more difficult to cope with the influx of suffering patients


From the movie

- This is the plague of our century! I'm not afraid to say that half of the women in London are infected with it. The reason for this is an overactive uterus. In the most severe forms, severe measures are required: hospitalization and even surgery. But in milder manifestations, such as nymphomania, frigidity, melancholy, anxiety, it is quite cured for itself.

- Interesting!

no hysteria
no hysteria

From the movie

“Stunning, Dr. Dalrymple!

- Wonderful demonstration!

- It's over, doctor.

- Well, I'll see you in a week.

- Let's go tomorrow at the same time.

Dalrymple believed that massage of the vulva caused a hysterical fit in women, which subsequently brought the uterus back to its normal state. And without the introduction of a penis, the vagina cannot experience pleasant sensations. This idea actually belongs to the ancient Greek physician Galen. In fact, all these manipulations were nothing more than prolonged stimulation of the clitoris and vagina, culminating in orgasm.

From the movie

- More, oh-oh-oh!

“Calm down, Mrs. Parsons, please calm down!

- With energetic external stimulation we can induce a pleasant painful reaction, bringing the patient to a hysterical seizure and returning the uterus to its normal state.

There were more and more worried clients, and the assistant, as a result of overexertion, injured his hand. He was unable to massage the vulva and had to say goodbye to work at Dalrymple.

no hysteria
no hysteria

From the movie

- You have discredited my entire clinic.

- I'm sorry.

- Your "sorry" is too little. You're fired!

These events led to the creation of a miracle device - a female vibrator. The device has been tested in practice and has produced amazing results.

From the movie

“Usually, for five pounds, I agree to anything. But this is with a man.

Scientific sexology has repeatedly attracted women and men who provide sex services for experiments. So, the most famous example is the practical experiments of William Masters and Virginia Johnson. These scientists revolutionized the sex world by discovering the human sexual response cycle.

From the movie

- What do you feel?

- Awesome! What do you think?

- And you think you had a seizure?

- Oh, if I'm not mistaken, there were three. I got a little lost in the middle. What would you call her?

- I called it a feather duster.

- Come up with a name so the girls know what to ask.

The Science of Orgasm

The real creator of the first vibrator is George Taylor. In 1869 he patented the "Manipulator" - a massage and vibrating device on steam energy. In 1882, Joseph Mortimer Granville invents the electromechanical vibrator (the precursor to modern vibrators) for use as a medical instrument.

And already in 1902, Hamilton Beach created the first hand-held vibrator that can be used at home. So the vibrator has firmly entered the everyday life of women and sexologists. It was used to treat sexual coldness and dysorgasmia

Later it was proved that a woman's emotionality depends on her satisfaction with her sex life. Women's pleasure in sex has not always received as much attention as it is now in the modern world.

Previously, a man did not try to prolong sexual intercourse so that his partner could get a release. And the female orgasm was more an accidental find than a desirable result of intercourse. We can safely say that orgasm is an invention of evolution. This is the transition from the fickle sexuality of the female and her readiness to mate - to constant.

In some cases, a woman's lack of orgasm is the result of her partner's sexual dysfunction. For example, accelerated ejaculation in a man. However, speaking of female dissatisfaction, we cannot boil everything down to her partner. Because there are times when a man with potency is fine, he can be hardy in sex and delay the onset of his ejaculation.

no hysteria
no hysteria

Nevertheless, the woman remains sexually unsatisfied, does not reach orgasm. In this situation, the reasons for her dissatisfaction are in herself. What are these reasons? One of them is the way of masturbation that a woman developed during her teenage years. In general, the period before the onset of sexual activity is of great importance for the harmonious sexuality of a woman.

In the case of maladaptive masturbation, vaginal orgasm during intercourse is simply excluded. No matter how a man stimulates the vagina with his penis, orgasm will not come, because there are no erogenous zones inside the vagina. They are not there, because the woman masturbated in a specific way, forming her erogenous zones anywhere but there.

These types of masturbation include masturbation:

  • with crossed legs,
  • a stream of water
  • an electric toothbrush
  • rubbing against the door jamb,
  • rope climbing and so on.

All of these types of masturbation are fixed, and in adulthood, they prevent a woman from having an orgasm. Modern sexology knows how to retrain the female body, and enables a woman to acquire the skill of vaginal orgasm.

Another reason for a woman's lack of sexual satisfaction is the different sexual scenarios of partners. Unfortunately, sex is not usually discussed, so the discrepancy between sexual preferences may not be recognized as the cause of dysorgasmia for a long time.

For example, a woman has a pronounced need for male domination, and a man does not know about it or cannot be in a dominant position. What remains for a woman? Fantasize about it or seek out your sexual fantasies with someone else. When it comes to conflict of sexual preferences, help in solving the problem lies in adapting the partners' scenarios to each other, for example, through role-playing games.

The female orgasm is very sensitive to external influences. And to "tune" it, you need patience, time and skill

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