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Football And Sex - Sex, Society
Football And Sex - Sex, Society

Video: Football And Sex - Sex, Society

Video: Football And Sex - Sex, Society
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Often, even highly specialized publications find it difficult to ignore any topic actively circulated in the media. What can we say about the publication of a psychological sense, which is directly related to the study and study of all kinds of people's reactions to external stimuli. For example, sex and football

Surely many have already made up their minds on a topic that has not been discussed except for microwaves and toasters. About how “obscene” and “venal” Russian beauties behave with visiting fans.

At first, for some reason, the authorities decided that they could loudly discuss public sex life from the rostrum as a kind of controlled and mass phenomenon. Then lovers of sofas and "pivasik" as an integral part of their love of football began to float in the comments on other people's pages in social networks. After their uniform theory was voiced by the pioneer newspaper of the "yellow" format "MK". And there, public people and publications with a focus on girl power have already begun to speak out.

Sex is a personal matter

Meanwhile, specialists in mental reactions do not see the slightest reason for discussion, since there can be only one attitude to what is happening

“For a healthy, and therefore, sane individual, it is quite obvious that a man and a woman are two different people. When these people are adults and mentally safe, then any sexual actions by mutual agreement that do not directly violate the interests of third parties are exclusively their own business, insists psychologist, family therapist Boris Novobozhkin. - Both the state, and religion, and the flock of sheep mentioned by the author of the article from “MK” (so eloquently testifying to his attitude towards Russian society as a whole) should “walk through the forest”, plugging their chaste ears with their fingers from any passionate groans from under any forest bush.

Otherwise, we will get to the very schizophrenia that the author of the cited article is so afraid of: what will prevent some of the Russian officials from prohibiting beautiful girls from appearing on the streets of Russian cities during the championship on the pretext that they are already capable of distracting foreign fans by their very appearance from football?"

Let's not execute women

Professional sexologists, however, are more cautious.

“We have to admit that this is still a controversial topic,” says sexologist Anna Komlova, “since, in addition to sex directly, it also concerns such a complex moral and ethical problem as morality. And if we consider what is happening not only from the point of view of sexology, but also from the point of view of ethics, philosophy, culture, then I personally agree with the idea of moral behavior.

On the other hand, as soon as we move away from the general philosophical perspective, moving directly to the topic of male dissatisfaction with female choice in the field of sexual intercourse, then there is nothing special to discuss.

Physiology has not been canceled, and if a woman reacts to testosterone, this is her natural right

Especially in a situation where, alas, domestic men for the most part lose to the guests of the championship.

What else can you say? From the point of view of the modern attitude to sex, where religious or political suspensions are not mixed, everyone decides for himself with whom and what to do. But the fact that this made the most discussed news of the championship, some kind of madness, in my opinion.

It is quite obvious that the topic was shaken because of the rash appeal of the authorities. If they had not stated this position, no one would have thought of developing it further. As for the journalists zealously decided to “hyip” on this story, here I would think about the motives of the authors of some articles. And perhaps their sexual health.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a simple explanation of the hype: it's just a hot topic, you have to be in the rating. But personal principles are not excluded either.

Who knows, maybe a girl with a foreigner once cheated on someone, he has an injury. This, of course, is a joke, but in every joke there is only a fraction of a joke, and the rest is true

None of the professionals, of course, will make a diagnosis on the basis of a paid text in a popular mass culture publication, but the position that has been voiced should definitely not be considered adequate. And even more so actively supported and replicated. If only because it becomes the reason for the emergence of communities of men in the Internet space, calling to control and even punish unwanted women.

Alas, people don't care who they execute. This is the crowd effect. It is worth lighting a match - and a flame breaks out

I remember the times of the witch hunt, when hundreds of women who were different from the majority were simply killed. Let's not repeat the mistakes of the past. The time has come long ago to behave in a civilized manner."

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