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These Difficult People Are Epileptoids - Society
These Difficult People Are Epileptoids - Society

Video: These Difficult People Are Epileptoids - Society

Video: These Difficult People Are Epileptoids - Society
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From infancy, they can cry and be capricious for a long time. And it is not possible to calm them down. As they grow up, they become gloomy and embittered. It seems that they are doing everything in spite, just to insist on their own. Epileptoids show early sadistic tendencies

It is these children who love to torture animals, sneakily tease younger ones, mock the helpless and weak. They seem to have too much anger mixed with something petty, disgusting.

German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin wrote about them as follows: "With a Bible in his hands and a stone in his bosom."

Bigotry and malicious vindictiveness are characteristic features of epileptoids.

Cruel and sullen

In the company of their peers, they strive to take the position of unquestioning leaders who will tell and show everyone exactly how to play, which paths to walk and how to resist the hostile world around them. They carefully take care of all their (toys, clothes). If you try to select it, you can get it “for nuts”.

In adolescence, states of dysphoria come to the fore, manifested not only by malicious irritability, but also by apathy, idleness, and deepened gloom. Such a teenager can sit with a gloomy look for a long time, and then an affective discharge sets in. And the outbreak will occur due to the slightest infringement of the interests of the epileptoid.

In affect, such a person is able to hit an elderly woman in the face with a boot, to lower a baby who has stuck out his tongue down the stairs. But he will unleash his anger only on those who cannot fight back. This is the "petty" side of the epileptoid nature. In adolescence, a sexual desire awakens with force, which throughout life will remain associated with sadistic or masochistic inclinations.

For example, one 38-year-old patient of the epileptoid type said that, as a 12-year-old teenager, he found himself in the same compartment with a pretty adult woman. Her close presence so stirred up the boy's fantasies that he tried to hide his erection all the way. All the way he lay on the top bunk facing the wall, imagining what he could do to this lady if they were alone. Fortunately, the fantasies of the 12-year-old neighbor in the compartment remained unknown to his fellow traveler.

No shame and no conscience

Among epileptoids, there are adolescents prone to masochistic manifestations, loving to self-mutilate, experiencing incomparable pleasure from burns, injections or bites.

The stage of separation is difficult for them, in some cases it can reach a complete break with loved ones. In general, they can experience an extreme degree of anger towards their relatives. Conflicting with parents, epileptoid adolescents can "hold on" to the attachment of grandparents to them, they are driven by the desire to inherit material wealth.

And in general, if an epileptoid sees some benefit for himself, he is ready for a variety of ways of servility. Such people feel great in a highly regulated regime, where they will try to please their superiors and gain privileges for themselves. The junior in rank or rank next to the epileptoids will not be good, they will be forever urged and humiliated. Quite often there is a craving for gambling epileptoids, rooted in their thirst for enrichment at any cost.

A 45-year-old man of epileptoid type came to me for personal therapy. The reason for the appeal was a divorce from his wife, who said in parting something like "until you work on your character, you will always step on the same rake." Gradually starting to "dig up" the history of their relationship, I began to understand what ultimately did not suit my wife. One day, a husband, having quarreled with his superiors, broke a shop window, and they had to flee from the police. Another time, when they were resting at a resort, he beat up a minibus driver. At the same time, the man was stingy, the money he earned was mainly spent on his audio equipment (he was very fond of music), and he gave crumbs to his wife for housekeeping.

One of the features of the epileptoid type is its "purity". It is often found without admixtures of other types of character traits. Even with good social adaptation, the life of an epileptoid is often filled with all kinds of excesses, which makes this personality type one of the most difficult.

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