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Is It Necessary To Walk With A Dog Outside The City? - Society
Is It Necessary To Walk With A Dog Outside The City? - Society

Video: Is It Necessary To Walk With A Dog Outside The City? - Society

Video: Is It Necessary To Walk With A Dog Outside The City? - Society
Video: What Happens If You DON'T take your DOG for a WALK? 🐢❌ 2023, March

Many go out of town with their dogs for the whole summer, some stay for a longer period. And some just move there and live all year round. It would seem that pets have plenty of space - take a walk, have fun, this is definitely better than languishing in an apartment. Owners believe that since the dog has access to the site, walking the dog is unnecessary. Very comfortable and one less headache. Is this so and will it lead to problems? Let's figure it out

Nose library

What do you think, why the dog walks? Pee-poop? Run and get exercise? Chatting with other dogs? Everything is correct. But does your pet have any other needs that he can fulfill only on a walk? Of course, yes, and this need is to obtain new information.

Dogs mostly gain information from their unusually keen sense of smell

You and I read articles on the Internet and put likes on social networks, and dogs "read" tags and other smells - this is their way to gain knowledge and give a load to their brain. The richer the environment, the more interesting the dog is. From this point of view, walks in the city are much more informative, because there are much more smells there.

The dog, almost never leaving his home and plot, lives in an extremely poor information environment

Other animals do not walk there (sometimes neighbors' cats run, but this is clearly not enough), there is nothing new and unusual.

Try to imagine the state of a person when he is locked in a room and there he has no books, no Internet, no opportunities for self-realization, there is only a little communication, food and sleep. On what day will he become uncomfortable, and then just feel bad? The dog feels the same way.

Her developed intelligence requires adequate exercise, and sensory information (smells) is one of the main channels for receiving them

I sit behind bars

If the dog was taken out like a puppy and locked on the site, then further problems with an adequate perception of other people, cars, dogs and other things that surround us, that is, with socialization, are practically guaranteed.

What to do? To begin with, acknowledge the fact that any dog of any size must be walked with. And with a Chihuahua, and with a pug, and with a shepherd dog, and with a toy terrier. The needs of all dogs are the same.

The duration of the walks is approximately 2–2.5 hours per day. This is enough to meet the needs of your pet. And it would be better to take two walks for an hour than one two-hour walk

How and where to walk is up to you. The general recommendation is to do this in different places. Find three to four routes and alternate them as appropriate. With dogs living outside the city, it is good to go to the city at least a couple of times a week to walk and communicate with other dogs (it can be very difficult to find a company outside the city) or to visit the nearest settlement with shops and apartment buildings, where there are people, cars and stuff.

If you do not walk the dog regularly outside the site, then the animal begins to have problems from the inability to realize its natural behavior and get an adequate intellectual load.

Dogs begin to bark at everything that happens behind the fence, crap in the house, may become overexcited or apathetic. In any case, the failure to meet the needs of the dog leads to the fact that it becomes ill.

It is impossible to replace walks with training, games and increased attention to the dog

These are other pet needs that are not related to walking in any way. Our task as owners is not only to feed our pets and give them a home, but also to take into account their needs, even if they may not be very clear to us. To love is to speak to animals in their language.

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