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Do Women Love Hormones? - Research, News
Do Women Love Hormones? - Research, News

Video: Do Women Love Hormones? - Research, News

Video: Do Women Love Hormones? - Research, News
Video: Oxytocin - The Love Hormone (Fun Discussion) with Dr. Najeeb 2023, March

Many believe that women's sexuality depends on hormone levels. Is it really? Scientific research has dispelled this myth - under the pressure of unbiased experiments, it burst like a balloon

Scientists from the University of Glasgow tried to find the truth and attracted almost 600 women of different ages to the experiment.

The conclusions of the experimenters turned out to be unexpected - the ideas of women about male attractiveness are stable and do not change in any way depending on their hormonal background

Macho or botanists?

Do you think an increase in the level of "female" hormones can affect the choice of other types of men? For example, a lady has always liked collected, detailed couch potatoes, and suddenly, under the influence of hormones, she begins to give preference to broken hooligans, impudent and decisive. If this happens, then hormones are definitely not to blame, the experimenters are sure.

In a study published in Psychological Science, the journal of the Association for Psychological Sciences, Benedict K. Jones states: "We found no evidence that changing hormone levels in women become attractive to other types of men."

Scientists have not found any correlation between preferences (and the degree of their severity) and the level of progesterone, estradiol and other "female" hormones

Women's preferences are constant

The researchers also tested the relationship between liking and hormone levels that indirectly affect female perception, such as "male" testosterone and cortisol. The correlation was also zero.

Thus, it is wrong to assume that women like more men if the pressure of sexual selection increases

Does not affect these changes and the period of puberty, menopause or midlife crisis.

Can women feel more "fertile" during ovulation? Scientists also received a negative answer to this question.

In addition, experimental data showed that the use of oral contraceptives does not weaken the attraction of women in relation to pleasant men, as previously stated.


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